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    No Multiplayer Maps CONFIRMED for Map Editor

    There it is, folks. I stumbled upon somebody streaming FC4 on Twitch, and POLITELY ASKED him to show us the Map Editor (Just like we've been politely asking Ubisoft). It takes a LEAK for us to find out.

    You can KEEP your game, UBI.
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    So what can be done with this editor ? Just for co op missions ... ?
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    FR_Player-One's Avatar Member
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    Pew Pew Pew - - -
    Save the screenshots so we can discuss this subject maybe on an other site.

    I know this will be removed.
    BUT :


    Can't believe they've been THAT [EDITED] stupid

    Our new anthem guys :
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    if this thread gets locked here, its also at battlemap.net and will not be, it will continue to be discussed...
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    JedMosley81's Avatar Member
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    Wow. Ubisoft has just failed beyond belief. Custom maps made by this awesome community is the ONLY redeeming quality of Far Cry MP...especially the case in FC3. (and I am not a map maker, just an average gamer)
    This is a **** up of epic proportions
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    This is what it looks like when Ubisoft doesn't care or listen to their fanbase. I REALLY hate you, Ubisoft. You really are the worst Developer/Publisher in this industry. Thanks for not giving a crap about your loyal fanbase.

    Don't expect any money from me.
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    Alpha_sgt_14's Avatar Member
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    wow... Ubisoft has been on a role lately. They are the greatest gaming company when it comes to the wants of its customers. I mean, look at "unity," that was literally just released and its going to receive multiple game of the year awards.

    No but seriously, the map making community was screaming for a better version of the ige for the multiplayer and this is what they give us... If I wasn't just slapped in the face I wouldn't have noticed that WE ALL HAVE JUST BEEN SLAPPED IN THE FACE. Anyways, at least the singleplayer seems enticing... cough... "unity"... cough cough...
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    Yeah, a HUGE slap in the face. Wow, I can't believe it.
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    Wow, very shady ubisoft. The MP map editor is what gave this franchise longevity. What crap, hope your stock drops another 9 percent tomorrow.
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    They just lost my business... for good.

    I have been a loyal customer for too long. I have watched you ruin a bunch of my favorite titles including Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, and now Far Cry. Have fun becoming the next EA.
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