I am a huge fan of all the AC games. I have them all, including the ones for PSP and Vita and have enjoyed each and every one. With that being said, I am growing concerned now over some of the things I am seeing with Unity. First of all.....microtransactions. I think any game that you pay $60 for should not have microtransactions.....my opinion though. Yes I understand they do not effect the game play really, but my concern is for games like the Division. Micro transactions in this game affect no one, they just cut out some of the grind. But if you do fast leveling up in a game like the Division, it could create an unfair advantage/unbalance. Yeah I know, two different games, but I am afraid of the way Ubisoft is heading.

Second.....with a game that is relying so heavily on outside factors to enhance the gameplay, it concerns and frustrates me that none of that is working. The companion app is crashing or fails to sync, rewards are not carrying over and such. Initiates.....I understand resetting the level to make us earn rewards, but all my progress from other games is currently lost and I can't get the bonuses I should from them. I know its in work, but why wasn't this issue predicted. I have turned in Uplay rewards for gear and I have yet to see that gear in my inventory 16 hours later......and the DLC rewards from the RSVP and spin to win have not shown up in game even though my PS4 says they have been downloaded.

Trying to create a club......can't do it because of connection error to servers......and it's not just me but all my friends as well. I am fine with the Unity game itself, I am really enjoying it, its all these other factors are broke and they seem to play an integral part of the game. Did no one at Ubisoft think about this? Which leads me to this point.....this is a single player game with online functionality that is currently broke. I have been looking forward to the Division, but now I have huge concerns because that is a totally online game......and right now the Ubi servers can't handle what's going on with a predominately single player game, what is going to happen to a MMO/RPG game? What is going to happen to the next AC game if they keep going with more and more reliance on apps and linked websites? It seems they were not prepared for the launch, even after pushing the game back. Just my questions and concerns. Sorry to ramble!!!!

Have fun all!!!!