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    This is not a known issue but would most definitely contact Sony regarding any possible suggestions. I would also ask that you try another disc or game to see if it continues. Also, please be sure that there is nothing laying on top of the console or anywhere else that could cause issues or noises. After doing so, please feel free to notify your local tech team with info here: https://support.ubi.com
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    Same issue. Digital version. Only this game make the ps4 heating up like crazy and does plane like noise...
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    Happends to me too.

    when i enter menus or stores the console starts so sound really loud, i though it was par of the "Game music" or "Game sounds" but it was not, it was the PS4. when you get out of the menus the console goes back to normal.
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    I have noticed the same thing. At first I didn't realize what it was because I was playing with a headset and my brother asked me what that noise was. I figured the tv volume must have been on or something but when I took off my headset I noticed my ps4 sounded like a an airplane trying to break the sound barrier.
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    I have this issue too on my PS4. It happens only when i'm in the menu or customization section. "not a known issue"???? I guess it would be a know issue if you Ubisoft guys would check this thread againa. But you won't...will you?
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    If the PS4 is anything like a computer, it's your fans going haywire.
    This game takes a LOT of power.
    I own a GTX 970 GPU and it sits at around 55-60c which is around 130-140 Fahrenheit. this is for the PC and the fans on a gpu can sound like a jet taking off.
    You PS4 is probably kicking the RPM of the fans up to compensate for the heat most likely. Although im no console tech.
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    OK, I can understand that but.. why is this happening only in the menu of the game?
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    It is an issue with the game not with the ps4. But it happens only in menus.. outside menus the CPU is fine.
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    I have tried it with other games. In my post i said i did..lol. and yeah it happens in the menus. Customization is the worst.
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