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    Help: Delete previous saved data and start new game

    Hi all, I am a new player of Assassin's creed and I want to delete my previous save data and start a new game. How can i do this?

    Clarification: I do not want to replay missions, I want to the game to return to it's original state. (Doing a playthrough online)
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    The saves of pretty much all Assassin's Creed titles are hidden within the Uplay folders. They're encrypted (just a bunch of numbers) so it's sheer luck if you manage to find the folder you're looking for. Why is this the case? No idea. Perhaps someone from Ubisoft would care to enlighten us.
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    What about the "saves" in savegames??
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    This is easy to do. I figured it out myself while troubleshooting some bugs.

    1. Disable Cloud Save Synchronization in uPlay.
      1. Settings gear at top-right of uPlay menu.
      2. Un-mark the "Enable Cloud Save Synchronization for supported games" box.

    2. Navigate to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames
    3. There should be a single folder in this directory. Double-click / navigate into it.
    4. The folder named "720" contains the files for Assassin's Creed: Unity.
    5. Cut / Paste the entire 720 folder to your desktop.
    6. Restart uPlay.
    7. Launch the game.

    You should now be able to start a new game. Your old savegame will be located in the 720 folder you cut to your desktop.
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    do exactly what Cortexian0 said ..
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