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    Anyone else get this Glitch.

    After you complete the mission Rebirth and become part of the Assassin Brotherhood, the game is suppose to play a Cut Scene of a girl talking to you about it all.

    But instead it made me walk down a hallway like the beginning of the cut scene where you jump with all the pictures floating around and I land in a hay stack and I don't do anything.

    Like am I really glitched?

    Do I need to start over?
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    Spoilers much? Also, wrong subforum. There's a Tech Support subforum to post about issues like this.
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    Spoilers? The game is full of bugs.

    I am trying to figure out if this is a bug.
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    I just finished Rebirth, but I am stuck at the save screen... Even after rebooting the game! So basically, my savegame's lost....
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    its because of the level of detail ... try lowering the environmental detail .. or level of detail... give it a check .. does it still happen ..

    instead of reporting it in technical forums .. make a ticket on support.ubi.com ... i had the same error on prologue cutscene .. later when i did what i told .. it went well
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