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    Information for all - HELPFUL-

    As we all know we are having alot of problems playing this game (thanks ubisoft you so good). I've come across multiple complications. I have also fixed all these complications. So here is what I've found.

    Downloading the game
    - if your game drops to 5-7kb/s download speed disconnect your internet then continue the download. It will shoot back up.

    Game crashing?
    -Update your graphics card drivers. (hopefully your not like me and have nvidia downloading at 35 kb/s

    Want to play with friends?
    -Complete sequence three.

    When can i play the game?
    - it is deemed "playable" at a certain point WELL GUESS WHAT THERE IS NO POINT. When it is deemed playable its for about 10 minutes.

    I also have reports of my friend telling me the game is running 99% of his cpu.

    be aware his specs are well above the recommended.

    I have no idea how to fix this.

    Also reports of the game still crashing once you play it for a while.

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    first second third .. and fourth ... i totally agree
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