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  • AC1

    3 4.92%
  • AC2

    19 31.15%
  • ACB

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  • ACR

    4 6.56%
  • AC3

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  • AC4

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    Which game had the best story?

    One of the french guys who played the game says that ACU's story was (no spoilers,but just in case someone doesn't want to know how good the story is):
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    Good,but predictable
    .So i was wondering,which game do you think had the best story so far?It would be better if you analyzed your thoughts about each game.

    I'll start,by sharing briefly my thoughts about each game:
    AC:I cannot really judge this game's plot,as it was the last one i played and i already knew more or less what was going to happen.But,i believe it was quite nice,with remarkable conversations between the characters and a few nice twists towards the end.
    AC2:Again,i cannot judge the story well enough,as i already knew what was going to happen.But,trying to ignore both the AC2 fanboys,who say that the story is phenomenal,and the people who completely disagree(eg _M ),i believe that the story is far from great.It is full of cliches and predictable,uninteresting twists.Only Ezio's character makes it a little bit interesting.It was a nice change of pace after AC1,but if a game like this was released today,its story wouldn't be received so well.
    ACB:Acb's story was a simple one.A revenge story combined with the liberation of Rome and the gradual fall of the Borgia.At least,ACB never takes itself too seriously.
    ACR:My only gripe about acr's story is the lack of any villains at all,which resulted in no assassinations.Other than that,it is an ideal finale to Ezio's trilogy.+it had the best ending so far.
    AC3:Well,theoretically,Ac3's story seems great,maybe the best in the franchise.But,i never felt that way when i played it.Connor's dull character played a role about it,but te main reason IMO is that the story quickly shifted from being a story about the protagonist to an American revolution story.
    AC4BF:This was a story about the creed and not about an assassin killing his targets.It does a great job to show the character progression of edward.Also,the pirate parts were interesting.

    What's your thoughts about the plot of each game so far?Will ACU/ACRo succeed ?Will the ac franchise ever produce an exceptional story?Discuss!
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    1) AC3/AC4
    2) ACR ( Mainly because of Altair's sequences and the ending)
    3) AC1
    4) AC2
    5) ACB

    6) ACL
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    ACII, no question.
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    Originally Posted by andrew_m50 Go to original post
    ACII, no question.
    I think some people would like to question that actually
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    Black Flag easily, IMO. Followed by Revelations and AC2 (which was also "good but predictable"). I'm going to withhold my ranking of AC3's story, because it had arguably the best story premise of any of them, but they absolutely butchered it in the execution.
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    AC2 for me, followed by AC1.
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    The story resonated with me a lot more than the previous games.

    Games of revenge are getting too cliche for me.

    2. AC2
    3. AC1
    3. AC4
    4. AC Brotherhood
    5. AC Revelations
    6. AC Liberation
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    1 - ACIII = I loved Connor as a character. The ambiguous targets where you kill them thinkg they are monsters, but when they reveal their motives, you star to question if killing them was really necessary. Haytham and Connor relationship was amazing and very intriguing to see how both are loyal to their convictions about the world and things like freedom or peace.

    2 - ACIV - Very emotional doesn't have any big conspirancy, but the way they told the story was epic. A lot of charismatic and involving characters...the development of Edward as a character.

    3 - ACI - Really complex and ambiguous storyline. The lack of cutscenes ruined the game a little, but the plot is epic and the conspirancy is the best in the series. If they remake this game with Next-Gen graphics, I'm sure it would be the best AC in the franchise.

    4 - ACII - The story is simple, but like ACIV it was told in an epic way...Ezio is a great character along with the other characters who helps him. The conspirancy is very well done and the ending was a total mindf*ck.

    5 - ACR - The game really have a emotional storyline...but they removed the reveal about Lucy from the game, Subject 16 doesn't reveal anything and appear very little, Yusuf doesn't appear that much....but the story is very impactul and epic.

    6 - ACB - I HATE this game's plot...really, it's so simple...Ezio lost all his charm, Cesare is the worst villain in an AC game EVER. And game only goes around '' Borgia this and Borgia that. Borgia, Borgia and Borgia. ''. The targets are way more ridiculous than the targets of ACII.
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    Black Flag was the best! The story was complex, the characters were interesting and Edward character's progression was nicely built up! Awesome game
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