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As you dig into Assassin's Creed Unity, here are some quick Unity FAQs to help you get started;

Connectivity Troubleshooting:
Xbox One

How to redeem content
Where to find exclusive content
How do I delete my save data?

Dead Kings common questions
Cannot play beyond Sequence 1 Memory 3 (PS4)
How to Access Co-op
UbiBlog Companion App FAQ

If you still have any issues, concerns, or questions, please submit a ticket with a detailed description of the issue. If it is a content key issue, please try again throughout the day. If it persists, please submit a ticket with the key in question to Support here: https://support.ubi.com. Again, be sure to include the console, game, key and/or error message when submitting a ticket. The team in your region should be able to assist you properly. Never hesitate to reach out to the Support team!