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    AC Rogue ps3 extra downloadable content code will not work

    I literally just got my preordered copy of AC rogue and the redeem code does not work for the downloadable free content. I tried to redeem both in game and off game the code is not expired and I entered it exactly as showed.
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    same here

    I also ran into the same problem when I got home from gamestop, not sure if I should call the psn hotline or who to get ahold of to get my code to work if not
    I'll just enjoy my game
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    Hey all, I ask that you try entering the code a little later today. This could be a delay in the Sony shop updating as it is known to update later in the day. However, if you are still having this problem, please provide your proof of purchase and code to Support and we'll be more than happy to assist you. Sorry for the inconvenience! You can submit a ticket to Support here: https://support.ubi.com via "my questions".
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