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    AC Unity language

    I'm from Brazil and i like the Ubisoft work on AC Unity, especially with the actors that speaks in PT-BR and not in SPA like AC III. However, i would like to hear the voices in French and subtitles in PT-BR. Is that possible? I prefer this way because i fell this is more real to the time ( French Revolution) and makes the time period more immersive.
    I have an AC Unity Gold edition for xbox one. I think that in PC is possible to change language and subtitles so iwould like to make this suggestion to the developers.
    I think is an easy patch that will greatly improve our game experience.

    Thanks very much for your attention.
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    I´m from Portugal and i want that the subtitles in PT_BR came to PS4. I think digital version have that, so it is done and can be put inside a future patch.

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