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    Assassin's Creed Unity - PS4 or PC

    I'll get straight to the point.


    Disc in and play
    Nicer controller
    Practically no setup required


    Nicer graphics
    Full 1080p
    Co-op isn't behind a paywall (I don't have PSN)
    Can play with friends

    Cons for PC:

    Longer install
    Will most likely be a bit of a pain to set up (let's face it, it's a Ubisoft PC port)


    Are the benefits of PC worth the trouble of setting it up?
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    You and I apparently remember the PS4 release of AC4BF very differently ... there was a good 10-20-minute install period. "Disc in and play" isn't quite the case anymore. Consoles started installing portions of the game to the HDD since they GOT hard drives ... now, those portions are getting larger.

    That said, this is their precious cash cow ... this game will not receive the absolutely TERRIBLE pc "optimization" that such fantastic failures as Watch_Dogs did ... the "set-up" will more than likely be no more than changing a few graphics settings to accommodate your hardware. With that issue settled, and the installation now being an issue that both pcs AND consoles face ... I see no reason to choose PS4 over PC, if you have a PC that can handle it (which isn't difficult, since the minimum specs were HILARIOUSLY over-stated)
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    Regarding PS4's pros.

    * Disk in and play is less convenient than double clicking a desktop icon.

    * The DS4 can be used on PC, along with the X1 controller. More variety.

    * Doesn't Unity have same the 2-3 minute setups every time you start up the game like the previous titles on last-gen? Maybe not.

    Personally, even as a huge Assassin's Creed advocate, I say the PC version is always the best, simply because the games on PC age a whole lot better than their restricted console versions.

    And terrible port or not, it's better to have low settings with above 30-40 fps than sub 30 fps (which is the case for Unity on PS4, sadly). For me, at least.
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    And it sounds like for the PC, you're thinking of a digital download. You could always purchase physical version for PC if you're worried about that.
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    LOL, Disc and play. Game needs to be installed and patched first. Consoles are just restricted PCs those days.
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    You can plug in a controller on PC.

    If you can run it on PC get it on PC. That's my opinion.
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    PC all the way!
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    I say PC. I just built my first pc and I say pc all the way. Unless its a terrible optimized game with no support post release.

    Ps4 is the way to go if you plan to get psn and play with friends. None of my friends own a ps4 and not alot have made the jump to next gen. so I'm sticking to pc
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    I've played quite a few games on PC with my PS4 controller, I'm pretty sure it will work with this ok.

    I'm getting it on PC to avoid debates n stuff about which console it's best to get it for.
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    Originally Posted by MuddledMuppet Go to original post
    I'm getting it on PC to avoid debates n stuff
    That is funny I wonder how many times that quote will come back to haunt Mssr Pontbriand
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