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    PS4 screen tearing and choppy play making it almost unplayable.

    I bought the PS4 edition of Assassin's Creed Unity. Normally these games are pretty solid. Unity is not at the moment and I expect a patch to take care of this soon. Right now the screen is tearing and chopping so bad I can barely play through the first mission. The characters hair is thrashing about like medusa and her snake head hair with a mind of it's own. Sound is cut here and there chopping out and then restarting in spots in the dialog.

    How could they release such an abomination. In this state I won't touch the game until a patch is out which is sad since we pick these up first day to be the first on the block to play the latest and greatest usually.

    If I don't see a patch in the next few days this goes back to the store for a FULL refund.
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    Got to agree with you, I'm trying to enjoy this as it's assassins creed but the frame rate is hurting my eyes. Never thought I could easily just put down an AC game but this is just awful. How could some of these bugs be missed during playtesting? The framerate was barely stable at the beginning never mind in largely populated areas. There are also bugs stopping people from starting missions and I have come across 2 already where AI are merged with the wall and chests that won't open. Utterly disgraceful, it's not like they're ****ing hard to miss.
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