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    3.5 hours until midnight release (East Coast US)

    So... I'm about to start getting ready for the midnight release party at the local GameStop. What is everyone else doing on release night?
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    I'm waiting to download it, then I fall asleep at 5 am due to wondering if I can run it at 900p or 720p. At least I know it'll run though
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    Sadly waiting til 3am because I bought through Uplay. Bet they don't actually release it at 12AM ET, probably 3AM so West Coast gets a midnight release. :'(
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    yup release date is scheduled at 12am PST which means EST will be 3am...1am for me (MST)
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    ugh ... yeah ... THAT is why i don't pre-order anything that im really looking forward to digitally ... ever. I'm sorry to hear that though guys :c
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    Yeah it's 3am EST on Steam for me here in Ontario.
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    Game is playable for me now with GMG key. Are other uplay people still locked?
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    Yeah. I'm on the East Coast in Florida. It's 11:30PM EST as I type this post up. UPLAY is up and running and ACU is still unavailable for download. Here is a screenshot of my games page for ACU:

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    Pretty frustrated.

    That's incredibly frustrating. Pre-order it, only to be punished with a 3 hour delay to download it. Steam users were able to start the download earlier today, wish they'd have done the same.
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    Wow. Wish I'd known this beforehand. I would have just gone to Gamestop tonight instead of pre-ordering from Uplay. Lesson learned, I guess. :-\
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