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    PS4 Looking for other Assassins for COOP on tomorrow's launch

    I will be playing at midnight to brush up but im looking for other assassins who wanna run through COOP a bit tomorrow throughout the day.
    I have other friends who I will be running with , this is just for if we are a man short or need more for a full squad


    Be above the age of 18 at least.
    Must have a mic, assassins need to communicate as well you know.
    And for the love of god(no love)know how to play and coordinate together.
    If you have this then we will most of all have FUN.

    If this is your first assassins creed game don't bother replying to this post(No Offense)

    This thread is for PS4 ONLY

    Reply here as well so others can be picked up for COOP

    Can't wait to run with you other assassins and see your style of variations.

    State your PSN
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    Psn Chris_Joyce

    I have it preorder so it should come in the mail early on in the evening, I'm in east coast USA
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    PSN: NoctisEverto

    Looking for fellow assassin adepts or higher to play with.
    IF thats you feel free to add me.
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    PSN: Glaedroromis. I'll be playing tonight but prob not coop right away.
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    LatinaC09's Avatar Member
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    Nov 2012
    PSN: LatinaC09

    PLEASE! When/if you send a friend request please put who you are (like from AC forums). If you don't include a message I won't add you.
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    rrebe's Avatar Senior Member
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    PSN: Roowdyyx15
    I live in Europe so I'll be getting it two days later, but I'm really looking forward to playing with you guys!
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    Keep'em coming guys
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    Hello and welcome to the Forums

    Please use this thread-

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