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    Assassin's Creed VII: Ilion

    An AC that takes place in Ilion. The Mycenaean period in history is one of the most poorly documented with myth merging with fact.

    Imagine fighting first against, then alongside Akhilleus (Achilles). According to myth the greatest warrior who will ever exist.

    Proper next-gen and brutal fighting moves like we have never seen before, the whole backstory and life in that age will be fascinating.

    It's not called the Greek dark ages for nothing.

    The story will be a whole back story before the eventual sea journey and siege of Wilusa (Ilion, Troy).

    In 2009 researchers discovered that the beaches in front of Troy were like 8th century BC Homeros described in the 12th century BC, not like they are today.

    Also the Iliad describes all armour, colors, emblems and details down to the number and type of studs on Achilles' sword.

    Did Elena's beauty and face really launch 1000 triremes across the Aegean?

    Even myths like Herakles (Hercules) can be examined.
    Historians agree that if he existed he was contemporaneous with the generation before Achilles/Hector and contemporary with Agamemnon and Odysseus' fathers (1250 BC).

    Linking with the whole ones who came before linking with the active Greek Gods as well will make a great story.

    Why did the ancient Greeks so adamantly insist that individual Gods acted out in the real world? TOWCB

    What do you think?

    PS: please no AC4, Unity or Rogue spoilers.
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    Please make sure you post this here-

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