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From the Song Selection FAQ:

Some tips on using the app, which make it easier for your request to be counted:
- Be specific in your requests. Please don’t write “all” in the song field, as that doesn’t really help us get what you really want. Pick out your actual favorite songs by your favorite artists.
- Check the spelling of the band and the song. Your request might be lost if you don’t spell it correctly. You can always check the artist’s official website to be sure, or the track listing on the album itself.
- If an artist is joined by a guest, like “Band (featuring Artist),” just write the name of the main band.
- Request just one song per field. You can request multiple songs, but put each one in separately.
- Similarly, don’t write anything beyond the name of the artist or the name of the song – if you add little editorial comments, a YouTube URL, album name, the name of a movie where you heard that song, or extra spaces, that messes up our search. It’s read by humans, but sorted by computers! So we’ll find it from just the name.
Ha! I did not know that, thanks. No harm done, looks like they got the message anyhoo