Greetings Assassins,

As you are all aware Assassin's Creed Unity and Assassin's Creed Rogue are about to be unleashed into the world!

So now is the time to start strictly enforcing the 'Spoiler Rules' - Spoilers should always be posted with care and due warning - but now the Moderation team and Forum staff start to REALLY be strict with them..

So far, no game plot spoilers have happened - it's been spoiler free so lets all work together and make sure that carries on!

These are some of the most important rules at release time - so please do not ignore them!

These rules cover the whole series for a short period of time - not just Assassin's Creed Unity or Rogue - since we may see a lot of new players who have never played any of the games before, so for this short period, please treat all games the same - even if you have finished them months ago, they also apply to ALL forums in this subsection - so all of the AC related forums!

Main thing to remember - this is NOT stopping you talking about the games or event's which happen in the games - you just have to remember to use the SPOILER tag.

So from now onwards until this post is removed..


1st rule:

Please use the [SPOILER] Tag in the title of threads with spoilers in!

Any thread
which contains any type of game spoiler you wish to start - for any of the games - should carry the [SPOILER] warning in the thread title - Do not put details of the spoiler in the thread title!!! - Try and keep the title general without too many details!

Examples of good titles:

'OMG he does what? [SPOILER]'


'Mission 6 - What the heck happened?? [SPOILER]'

Example of a bad title:

'OMG just found out - Mr_Shade loves Transformers!!!'


'Widow has an awesome Lunchbox collection!'


2nd rule:

DO NOT post spoilers in any threads which do not have a [SPOILER] tag in the title - for any reason!!!

Please try and use the correct thread as well, since someone may not care about spoilers about locations, but may about what the new post relates to.


3rd rule:

When posting a Spoiler in a Topic use the SPOILER TAG feature.

Any post which contains any type of game spoiler needs to use the SPOILER TAG feature.

"That's new isn't it? How do I do it?!"


4th Rule:

Do not post spoilers with the soul intention of ruining the game/s for others.

This happens when someone drops a spoiler in a thread, which does not have a [SPOILER] warning - or is unrelated to the [SPOILER] you have posted OR is in the general Discussion Forums.

If you do this - you will be banned from the forums - for life.

IF you make a troll account to do this, both the troll account and your original account with be suspended from the forums -for life - no exceptions!


Some general definitions are below to certain terms, and some questions, however common sense should always be followed!

What is a spoiler?
A spoiler is any information not freely available from officially released Ubisoft material - so that covers screenshots, gameplay details, storyline and it certainly covers the games major plot elements and the game's ending scenes OR anything which could potentially ruin the experience of playing the game for others.

general rule: If you have to play the game to know something - It's a spoiler - no matter HOW small you may feel it is - so warn people!

When in doubt, use the [SPOILER] tag in the thread title, the Spoiler feature in your post and do not openly post the information in ANY thread which does not have a spoiler tag.

If you have 'secret' sources to information or 'leaks' - before and after release - please do not post them on the forums, since this is not only a breach of embargo and/or copyright - it could spoil the games for others - and could see you suspended.

If you find images or game details on site's you know have leaks - but no mention of it on the larger gaming sites - like Gamespot /Eurogamer - it may well be a 'leak' - so check your sources before posting!

Leaks will always be deleted - sometimes, genuine official content may get caught as well, since release schedules differ from the to time - so please understand the removal is for the protection of the community as a whole, so if it gets removed - and you feel it shouldn't have, please contact a member of the Forum Management team - with the full source of the information you have - this can then be checked!

3rd Party Content
Content from other Sites such as Gamespot /Eurogamer may not be a leak but may still contain Spoilers. If you have images such as unreleased artwork or screenshots that you want to share, they need to be posted here-
3rd Party Gaming Discussion/News

Always post the source link so we can ensure they are not falling under Copyright Infringement and are not indeed a Leak.


If you post 'leaks' to gameplay videos from the final game BEFORE release , such as the first 20 minutes of gameplay - your thread WILL be deleted - games issued to reviewers normally have an embargo attached - and as such - they are not allowed to stream / record gameplay and release before that embargo has ended.

Not only do these type of videos contain HUGE spoilers - but they are subject to copyright - and Ubisoft will remove them from Youtube - however that does not mean you can post them before they are removed.

If you repeatedly post links to gameplay from non official sources - which contain unreleased gameplay - then you WILL be suspended.

Will I be warned if I 'forget' to use a spoiler warning?
No - this post is your only warning - if you ignore it - you may find the thread deleted and/or you will be suspended.

When in doubt - USE THE [SPOILER] WARNING in the thread title!!

Better to be safe than sorry - any questions - please contact a member of the forum team!

Now with that out of the way - lets all join together as a community and enjoy the release of the new games in the AC series!

Your Forum Team!

*These rules maybe updated as needed - for example, if we feel the need to direct spoilers to a sub forum - so please check them regularly!