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    Wheres the hurk mission ?

    apparently the hurk missions are now out for the season pass.. when will it be up and running for the PS4.. ?

    ive looked for 2 days and nothings showing
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    Have season pass but still being charged for dlc's

    I have purchased the season pass for Far Cry 4 and have successfully downloaded and installed the dlc's Hurks deluxe pack and Escape from Durgesh. I am now trying to download and install the dlc's Overrun and Valley of the Yetis but it keeps saying there is a cost involved which there shouldn't be being a season Pass owner. Been onto Microsoft who says they have spoken with yourselves and told to post me concerns on here and you guys should be able to assist. Here's hoping
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    Why not ad assets from valley of the yetis to the map maker? Such as the new enemies and Yeti's? You could make it so only DLC owners can access it =P ( just the AI)
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