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    Rocksmith 1 DLC in Rocksmith 2014 on OSX

    I was trying to buy the Black Keys Pack via in-game Shop (which kicks me out to Steam) tonight, but Steam won't let me complete the purchase as I own Rocksmith 2014, not the original Rocksmith. Without getting into the whole discussion (yes, I read the thread(s) here...wow) about whether that's bogus or not, can someone answer this question:

    If I purchase the original Rocksmith (which is Windows only) and the Rocksmith Converter via Steam (on OSX), will I then be able to a) purchase the Black Keys Pack and b) import the Rocksmith 1 songs into Rocksmith 2014 (again, on OSX)?

    Thanks in advance!
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    dm_gsxr's Avatar Senior Member
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    (I have a MacBook Pro and have all the available* songs and DLC from Rocksmith and Rocksmith 2014.)


    * Less the 5 that didn't transfer for any platform.
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    Danny-Ramone's Avatar Senior Member
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    Another yes from me. I have both RS1 for PC and RS2014 for PC/Mac, I've imported the RS1 songs into RS2014 for the Mac, and I've also purchased the Black Keys and played them in the Mac version.
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    Thanks for the confirmation. I picked up Rocksmith, the Black Keys, White Stripes and the import tool in Steam. Took a couple restarts before RS2014 saw all the content, but it seems to be there. The import tool is not a manual process? It looked like it just did it's thing in the background. The only downside to this is now my 8 year old son is pestering me for RS2014 for the XBONE. LOL.
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