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    why I can't get the upgraded skeleton - skeletal spearman?

    I have already build the "builder's hall", and upgrade the skeletal spearman,
    Then, I can see the skeletal spearman in second tab and the building progress is processing and counting down.
    But when the time is finished, I have no any new minions ??

    Is this a bug? or how can i get the advanced troops?
    can anyone help me?
    Thanks a lot.
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    I know the cause now...

    the Skeleton and Skeletal Spearman share the same production amount.
    so, when i get all Skeleton first, the Skeletal Spearman has noting left.
    you can only choose which one you want within fixed limit capacity.

    Hope this can help others...
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    as this is not the right forum, only a few players are visiting this forum.
    Please use the forum which is directly linked on our website heroes-online.com

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