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    Resources bug!

    Hallo, i have a prob with MMHO, it happened a couple of times already and really is annoying. I was waiting for the timer of the resources in town to finish (gold and wood), but it happened several times now that if i want to click on wood it automaticly starts the countdown from the beginning (6 hours) again without me doing anything. I have seen this happen 4 times and i don't understand why something like this is still in the open beta, since you had all the time in the closed beta to get this out.
    I hope this will be fixed soon.
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    Please note that this is not the right forum to post issues and bugs. There is a dedicated forum for MMHO to report bugs and issues.
    You can easily access it by visiting www.heroes-online.com and clicking on the link called “forum”. You will be redirected to the right forum where you can leave feedback, report issues and chat with other players.

    Best regards
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