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    Review Sites [My adventure UPDATED]

    Ok I'm just going to say this, so that I stick to it:

    As an expression of non-confidence in review sites, I am going to avoid visiting review sites from now on. This is the next generation, we are so lucky to live in a time where the hardware and the industry has evolved so much, and this time around I am not going to allow review sites to taint my anticipation for upcoming release titles.

    Not a single review site comes across as a site that loves games -- loves complaining, yes. I am an avid gamer and I honestly do not have it in my consciousness anymore to listen to a review.

    I mainly visited Gamespot. But no more !!
    An 8 for Forza Horizon 2 ?? It is next generation !! There is nothing that compares to it.
    A 7 for Dead Rising 3, amended to a 3 for the PC version !! I love this game. It mixes humor and horror -- that is a lethal blueprint.
    A low score for Kinect Sports Rivals. It was a 4 or a 6, I can't remember. Of course. Coz they hate anything new -- unless it sells 10 million + copies of course.

    Typically it is the literal games that score more highly than the creative titles. And this in summary is why review sites are not professional.

    So this is the polite version. I gave up on being mean. There is too much of it everywhere now anyway.
    Now I am looking forward to a lot of great upcoming game titles.
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    Review sites are so biased, sometimes their + or - are total nonsense, they often compare stuff to other games rather then judging the content itself or lack thereof.

    Often they don't go too deep into details either but just on the most hyped stuff.
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    the problem is not with sites, its with scores itself
    how are you gonna rate something so complex and subjective with a score
    mechanics that one person loves can be hated by others

    i'm gonna rate your post with a score of 3/10 because it complains too much

    i personaly get "reviews" of games from youtube where i can actually see how a game looks, plays etc, that combined with the comentary will give me a pretty good idea if i would like the game or not
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    ^^ I know. They often state the obvious, rather than go into any depth.

    ^ Haha ye I don't like scores either. But if I was to use scores I'd probably go into 11/10 and 12/10 and probably wouldn't score anything below 7/10.

    And yes I have no idea what's going on in the gaming community. LOL I feel like a heroine to break my addiction to review sites. But I know what I want to buy anyway.
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    So I go here now. Lots of amazing articles under each tab: http://news.xbox.com

    Feeling PROUD.
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    niece decision

    I wish you good luck mate..
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