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    That would likely be at the point of trying to eject the CD - could happen if Finder couldn't find the disk ("EXILE Disc 1") to eject. Not sure how that would be possible though. Is your main drive formatted as case-sensitive perhaps?
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    The drive uses the new Apple filing system. It's labelled "APFS (Encrypted)"
    I have no idea what that means regarding its being case-sensitive. I checked, and the CD is correctly labeled "EXILE Disc 1"
    A probably related fact: after I got the message, the icon for the CD disappeared from my desktop, and I was unable to eject the CD.

    I tried again while I was writing this post, and it worked... so thanks, lol. For future reference, I was using other applications while the installer was running, but I didn't this time around. Maybe that's the difference?
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