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    Running an old RealMyst on a Modern Mac


    Lately I have been feeling like replaying the Myst games. Unfortunately, all the games I own (RealMyst through to Revelations) are old copies for PowerPC Macs which will not run on my current machine. Investigating has revealed to me that many people have been providing installer programs which can install the appropriate game on a modern Mac provided that the user has the original disc. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a working installer for RealMyst (or at least there was, but it has been removed by now). Is there anything I can do to get RealMyst working on my Mac? For reference, I am running OSX High Sierra (I'm on a different machine at the moment so I can't give a more specific version number). The question also sort of applies to the other Myst games as well to a lesser extent, as I haven't actually tried using the installer programs to get them to work (my focus so far has been on getting RealMyst working).

    Incidentally, I am aware of the existence of the Masterpiece Edition. However, I would prefer a way to run RealMyst without having to effectively purchase it a second time (though I will probably do just that if there are no other options, especially if I can get these installers working for the other games).
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    Hi SuperGoomba.

    Firstly, it's not possible to play the original CD version of realMYST directly on a Mac running OS X 10.13. You can, however, install a compatible OS on your Mac and use that to play the original version.

    If your CD contains only the Mac version, and you wish to pursue this option, you'll need to invest in a virtualization program & a copy of Snow Leopard Server from Apple (refer this post for details).

    A realMYST installer is available here if you choose this path.

    Unless you also wish to play Myst V (which does require this method), the simpler option is probably to invest in the Masterpiece Edition (but take note of its recommended requirements, particularly video memory).

    Secondly, as far as Riven, Myst III & IV are concerned, you can ignore all this, since installers for these (available elsewhere in the forum) are compatible as is.
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    Thanks for the response!

    Incidentally, I actually tried to download that program while I was looking for ways to run RealMyst, and when I ran it I got a message saying "'realMYST Mac Installer' is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash." Out of curiosity I tried downloading your Riven installer and when I run that I get the same error message. I don't get such error messages when I run the Exile and Revelations installers.

    Additionally, in the post you linked, you mention that "Unless your Mac originally shipped with OS X 10.6, your only option for playing Myst V on a Mac running OS X 10.7 or later is to play it from a compatible OS installed inside a Virtual Machine". I might just be misunderstanding your comment here, but the machine I'm running now was not purchased running OS X 10.13. I... don't remember for sure whether or not it was running OS X 10.6 when we purchased it (I will find out as soon as I am able), but I do know that it was running OS X Mavericks until we very recently had it upgraded to Sierra (and then, more recently, to High Sierra). For what it's worth, we purchased the machine back in fall 2010, so it was likely originally running whatever was the newest version of OS X at the time. I have no idea if this will actually affect anything, but I figured I should mention it.

    At this point I'm very heavily leaning towards just purchasing the Masterpiece Edition (especially since it's currently on sale on Humble Bundle), but I still think I want to clear up these last couple points first (particularly the point about the installer being damaged, since that impacts me being able to run Riven as well). Thanks again for the assistance!
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    You can safely ignore the "App is damaged…" message. Guidelines for handling this are available here in my Riven thread.

    In case you're interested, it's a false warning from Gatekeeper that the installer may contain malware.,, basically, a reaction to the presence of another application within the installer's bundle (the Riven installer installs ScummVM & the realMYST installer installs an updated version of the realMYST app).

    Regarding your machine, you refer to purchasing it in fall 2010 (which I assume is around Sept 2010). I'm not sure when OS X 10.7 was released, but I do know that OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) was released around Sept 2009, so it's possible that your machine shipped with OS X 10.6.

    Did you receive Mac OS X Install DVDs with your machine? If so, then this simplifies things.
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    Unfortunately, I wasn't the one who directly purchased this machine so while it is likely we do have those DVDs, we do not know they are.

    At this point it is looking it would be much simpler to just buy the Masterpiece Edition. I will think on it a bit more before I commit, but that is likely what I will do (it would be nice to see how the updated graphics look, after all). Thanks again for all your help. Once I get around to trying out the installer programs, I will update this topic with any further problems I am having (assuming I have any, though knowing my luck I probably will).
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    Pleased to be of help.
    Personally, I think you've made the right decision. Just be sure that your machine meets ALL the recommended hardware requirements before committing to the purchase.
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    Ok, so I've decided to make sure I can install and run the other Myst games before committing fully to purchasing the masterpiece edition of realMYST. Unfortunately, I've encountered further problems. Exile installs and runs fine, but my machine won't even accept the Riven and Revelations discs -- after a few moments of trying to mount (not 100% certain that's the right word) them, it just spits them back out. I suspect this is because my Riven and Revelations discs are DVDs rather than CDs (since Exile was a set of CDs). That said, my computer can run DVDs of TV shows just fine (which I confirmed by testing a it with a LOST DVD), so I'm not sure why it'd have trouble with game DVDs.

    For what it's worth, we have an old LACIE disc drive (again, not 100% certain I'm using the right word here) that we used to use with our old machine which can definitely run DVDs (in fact we HAD to use it to run RIven on the old machine, for reasons I can't quite recall). Unfortunately, I don't seem to have any cables that can connect the device to our new machine. The majority of the ports on the back of the new machine are USB ports, but unfortunately, I can only find one cable with a USB port at one end whose other end can connect to the disc drive, and that one will not connect to the USB ports on the new machine (upon close examination, the USB end of the cable appears to be slightly deformed -- it is clearly the same type of cable as all the other ones we have connected to the new machine, though). Though I suspect (or, at least, hope) that finding a way to connect the LACIE disc drive to the new machine will help solve my dilemma, I still feel it would be wise to get more advice on the matter.

    As a final aside, I also had trouble getting past the "App is damaged" message with the Riven installer (right-clicking and selecting open while having admin privileges was STILL producing the error message), but I was able to resolve this issue on my own. For the sake of anyone else having similar problems to mine who might happen upon this topic, I will include my solution here. My solution is as follows:

    1. Open the Terminal
    2. Type 'sudo bash' and press enter
    3. Type your login password and press enter (note you must have admin privileges to bypass this step)
    4. Type 'xattr -cr "Riven Mac Installer".app' and press enter (note that if you aren't already in the directory with the installer you will have to precede "Riven Mac Installer".app with a path from the current directory to the one containing the installer)

    Doing so will make it so that the Riven installer will override your security preferences when being opened. There is also the option of restoring the "Anywhere" option to the Security and Privacy section of System Preferences, but since that would globally affect all applications and I am not the only person using this machine, I figured a more specific solution would be better in this case.
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    You can disregard the above post. Someone else managed to find a working cable literally just after I finished typing it. Riven and Revelations are both installed and functional.
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