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    Am I just a really unlucky or...

    So I have collected 813 cards in total and I only have 2 goblin scouts. Is this supposed to be normal? It's so annoying. At this point I don't even care that I don't have any unique creatures e.g. zefiria, damran. I just want 2 more goblins dammit
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    there are a of of commons in the base set, so the chances of you getting what you need is not amazing. I bought firebolts with wildcards back when I had the same problem, its only like 2 wildcards and I did not mind personally.
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    You will spend a few WC and then you will get 10 goblins in a row thatīs how it works, sometimes.
    But it doesnīt matter, they are very cheap. Donīt worry about missing a few commons, itīs hard to not get them by opening packs or spending a few WC. I wouldnīt use my WC on commons though.
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    yeah well I got like 20 firebolts eventually :P But at the time it made the game a lot more fun to play which is the point for me

    But ya, I also adopted Portios attitude after some bad expereinces with spending and then drawing. But as a result of being stringy with my wildcards like "I am sure I will draw it soon" I now have 250 wildcards and nothing left to spend them on So seriously, its not a big deal. From Champ I and up wildcards are really easy to farm and if getting some golbin scout will help you get there and let you enjoy the game more it is a good trade in my mind.

    (I started the BS2 release at champ I but with zero wildcards, and I had to spend a whole chunk on Djinn Cloudshapers and Lava Spawn and a whole bunch Bs2 epics and rares and I am still at 250. Causaul player, not paying money, but winning quite a number of swisses when I have time)
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    Thatīs something that new players usually forget: swiss tournament is a great way to get cards.
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    Originally Posted by Portios86 Go to original post
    Thatīs something that new players usually forget: swiss tournament is a great way to get cards.
    but you at least need a solid deck to be able to win swiss tournaments. new players decks usually are not good enough
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    Originally Posted by Gdinut Go to original post
    but you at least need a solid deck to be able to win swiss tournaments. new players decks usually are not good enough
    When I started playing, I went to swisses with a Cassandra rush with spells+fortunes back in Hotv-FW meta where haven starter deck was the worst by miles. And I got very nice rewards from swisses.

    The thing is, you donīt have to win a swiss.

    The 2nd place reward is absolutely great, awesome reward. Even if you donīt get wildcards youīre getting a couple of packs for "free".
    Even if you canīt reach 2nd place, you could get a base set pack if you were lucky, thatīs another awesome reward if we are talking about new players.

    In swiss tournaments itīs quite common to have a group where everyone is playing noob decks with the exception of one or two players playing a top deck.
    If you are really lucky itīs full of newbies. If you are a bit less lucky the 1st prize is for the player with the best deck, but then you are fighting for the 2nd prize against new players like you.
    If you are really unlucky you are one of the few newbies playing that swiss, and you are probably going to end 3rd+.

    At least thatīs how it was when I started playing. It could be different these days, I donīt know.

    Btw my deck was something like this:
    -4 lightning bolts (4 damage common spell)
    -1 wolf captains (I was poor and new)
    -3 tithe collectors
    -4 pillage, campfires and 1 prison.
    -4 radiant glory
    -a couple of week of training
    -no crusader treasurers (was unlucky opening packs)
    -4 sunflare (3 damage light spell)
    -2 river of gems
    -3 holy praetorian and 2 elite squires
    -4 griffins
    -4 angel of mercy
    -some sunriders
    -1 altar of asha

    I donīt remember the other cards, but I know I was playing a 2/2/4 shoter with retribution (to fight juggernauts) and crusader commander 4/5/8 fatty.

    As you see, it was hardly a rushlock cass, and hardly a good competitive deck. The deck instantly became a lot better when I got my 1st and 2nd wolf captain. I started swisses with 0 captains but I stopped and started again with 1 wc, and I rushed the 2nd,3rd and 4th in the altar.

    But even with this horrible deck, if you look at it, it has some strong tools that can work even without the full synergy.
    Even without treasurers and captains, I was able to boost my income and play a few creatures and a chain of pillages and prison. And I got a common air spell to fight a dominant creature as juggernaut.

    I think itīs interesting, and thatīs why I post my first incompleted deck. It was just a noob and cheap version of the strongest deck (Imo) in the meta: Cassandra rushlock.

    Thatīs what new players have to do. Focus on one strong deck for your favourite and starter faction, not strong because you think is strong, but strong because it doesnīt have many popular counters and top players are saying that deck is strong. Now itīs easier cause you get all starter decks just by playing a few games.

    For example, lets say you know Kat is the strongest, you are new and you arenīt sure, but people says Kat is the best, right?
    Well, pick your stronghold deck and try to copy the best version. You will see that you have almost all the cards because it uses a lot of commons and uncommons.
    Fine, try to understand the deck. Why is it so strong? what are the core cards? which cards could be replaced?

    Do I need 4 insect swarms? Yes, grind for them, they are uncommon and probably the best card in the game, and are in the cheapest expansion (base set).
    I donīt have bloodclaw shaman...wait I could play centaur instead.
    I donīt have a single BS shaman...well, Iīll try to get them with my next wildcards, but until that, Iīm going to play bloodhydra or bloodshark, since it has more or less the same synergy with insect...
    Donīt have crushers...I play a strong 4 might instead so I donīt even need to go for 5 might, or I just play more 2-3 drops and I make it faster...

    What I mean, is:
    -sometimes you need to be lucky, mainly with swisses, but itīs worth trying.
    -you can build a cheaper version of a top deck and try swisses.

    In fact, I miss those days where I could play my newbie version of a top deck and I was testing different cards each day until I got the full top version...
    Nothing better than winning a swiss cause your Eleonore protected your wolf shoters and your sunriders...

    Edit: every 2nd place prize I got I almost jumped from the chair, I was that happy...you donīt need to win the swiss if you are new player.
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