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    My experience with R2P - feedback for you devs!

    I really like the idea behind R2P. It has a lot of things going for it. Great idea with online tournament over several months. But this post is about suggestions for improvement, or why I personally have a hard time accepting this format as "fair".

    First, last siver cup my first game (B01) resulted in a disconnect. The game didnt load. I happened to get the win, which didn't feel good. I reported it, but nothing could be done according to Ubi. Result was that since it was a B01 my opponent was out of the tournament without having played a single game. The fact that games can't be taken over if a techinical difficulty arise, is... not great, to put it mildly.

    Next round, I did manage to play, however, I played first 3 times in a row. I never got to go second. Games ended 1-2. It was good games, but since the current imbalance btw going 1st and 2nd is so great, this is NOT IDEAL. There should be some kind of taking turns. It shouldn't be (mainly) decided on a coinflip in the beginning.

    Thirdly, I just played Platoon cup which was really fun. The whole idea of banning heroes AND taking turns at going 2nd is a really good. It gives a meta choice on top of the actual playing and decreases the randomness of bad matchups (e.g. Necro vs. OTK). Playing a tournament like Platoon cup (and other similar tournaments), just shows that R2P is not up to speed and too random. Platoon cup was great fun,

    R2P seems more frustating than fun. I haven't even talked about the many games last months I was waiting for a player to show up, but never did.

    I don't even know if I will farm points next month for getting to silver (which is max for me as I don't play more than 40-60 games in ranked a month), since the overall experience isn't great. Putting time into qualifying should be rewarded by a really bad experience (think of my opponent game 1).

    Devs, I hope you can use this feedback. To be honest, the tournaments are what is keeping me playing (a bit), but that is not a strong case anymore.
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    Originally Posted by LurifaxB Go to original post
    Next round, I did manage to play, however, I played first 3 times in a row. I never got to go second.
    Same thing here. I finally got time to participate this month because in general, saturday afternoon-to-evening is NOT a good timeframe for me - ever (too much thing going on IRL at that time), but somehow I managed to find some time to participate this month.. only to start both of my games 1st and lost. No hard feelings, but.. meh..

    On the other hand, I do aplaud R2P community and reward system. I've managed to get handful of gold and wildcards from their community rewards.
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