After BF went down the toilet, I picked up a couple of copies on clearance and played that for a while, then went back to RS1 on PC to do the unlocks and achievements (I'm a bit of a completionist sometimes).

Having done that, I've realized that I really like the way BF's tour mode was set up. Each tour was progressively more difficult and had a set of events to play. There was no minimum required to clear an event (unlike RS1) and there were additional challenges that required you to achieve a certain rating with a certain minimum difficulty. It was rather nice being able to go through a set of events on a low, fixed difficulty and then come back later to either work on the challenges or replay the regular events at a higher difficulty.

With RS1, you always had to practice each song until you had enough points for the event and play through the event well enough to pass it--and there was no option to disable dynamic difficulty, so there was never any relaxed play in the journey mode.

Bottom line: I think it'd be nice to have something like BF's tour mode in RS201x, built around the Score Attack mode.