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    Anton (Russian version)
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    Good catch. Can anyone translate it's ability for us?

    Edit: Nevermind. I found it's translation on Reddit. It says: increase the size of all friendly stacks by 1.
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    Come on...you have to be joking that Anton looks really awful...

    Anyway, can we have a translation? I´m really interested in haven cards.

    Btw 3 schools heroes are a bit boring that´s right, but I find namtaru super strong and interesting, I don´t like the others though.
    And Anastasya has a horrible school combination with a cool but not so good ability. Remember how extremely weak was Gazal against rush despite her ability?

    Edit: thx s9tf1! Looks interesting, but with the worst school combination in haven...air doesn´t fit the faction and light is still a bit weak, don´t know if I´d play him over cassandra and her higher destiny...
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    Sandor !

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    i don't like anton's artwork, low Quality and looks more like are a heaven hero than could have dark magic, he doenst look so holy to me.... and his face Expression.... wtf...
    his skill is intresting but i dont know if it will see Play, depends on the Cards heaven gets, if we get another good stack and better human low Drops for barracks, i guess he will be the most played hero...
    ist Kind of funny how everyone thought barracks is op and we should not get better human Drops and now we dont even have a t3 deck with it haha....
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    Well if he does not sport a happy fiesta my little pony-grade baby face, that still does not mean that it's a dark magic hero. You know, there are somber people in life as well. Not everybody is running around smiling like a fool, especially amidst a catastrophic war campaign. He looks like a troubled young man, burdened with far too much responsibility for his age - which, SURPRISINGLY, he actually is. The art is fine, it's far better than most of the previous cartoonish stereotypical heroes.
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    Yeah, I like Anton's artwork too. Sort of Dark Soul-ish
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    Anton is Slava's kiddo.. they both look horrible! (far better than what my "talent" in drawing would allow me to do, but so not on par with some of the artworks that DoC has shown it's capable of having)

    Sandor looks like a wrestler.. when is Hulk Hogan going to be released for stronghold? I want tag team match.

    PS: All heroes released in that expansion seem overpowered as hell.
    PS2: I also find the 3 magic schools heroes are extremely lazy, cleverpun. One would have been unique and awesome, but 6 of them feels like they ran out of ideas (and I'm sure it's not the case). Anyway, that's my impression.. even if they're freaking powerful, they're not heroes I would play only because they feel like they have no personality other than being strong (except maybe Jeze, only because her artwork is freaking amazing)
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    truely awful
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    except kiril and irina, the other hero art works are totally crap,
    ivan was a devout elrrath follower and looks like a jaundiced spooky guy
    sandor artwork is just too clumsy for me
    anastasya looks like a barbie boy
    succubus executioner is just a comic demon and makes me laugh.
    overall very bad performance but the card art designers. mmdoc with artworks. lmao
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