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    Review of all cards from Sins of Betrayal: Stronghold

    Lets start with the strongest faction in the present meta, ie Stronghold
    However this expansion saw the weakest stronghold cards ever and many wont be played as we already have bloodrush and enrage guys to help us seize victory
    Lets start the review


    1)Beastman Warcry- a very selective card, has lots of alternatives, thumbs down for me


    1)Jungle Outpost- A very selective ability, not a good one either and costly so nah, bad really bad


    1)Pao harpy- a bad stat card and even with combo, there are better cards availabe
    2)Juvenile Centaur- a 3 cost card with 2/0/4 and selective ability makes it lame
    3)Pao Scout- better options are there in plenty
    4)Centaur Sharpshooter, avg card with better alternatives in stronghold, compare to a bloodsnake shaman its vague and useless
    5)Elder Centaur- a bad card indeed
    6)Centaur Chieftain- many better alternatives, bad ability and good stats for a haven creature not stronghold
    7)Harpy Mother- not many powerful harpies to benefit from her ability
    8)Gust Harpy- May be used along with shredder and pao deathseeker but less effective than them, only stronghold card that might see play

    Overall Comment:

    If you want to win with stronghold, dont use cards from this expansion because they are as bad as they can get, even base set 2 cards are better. Just to balance the game they made cards of this expansion so bad that they might not see any play, maybe people wanting to show off new cards will play them (and ofcourse lose)

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    Holy font size Batman! Is that really necessary? I have to scroll down just to read a few paragraphs at 1080px vertical res.

    Anyway... I mostly agree. Stronghold didn't get hooked up like the last couple of times. Still better than what Haven got, though.

    Centaur Sharpshooter seems OK. Attack Anywhere is very powerful, especially in combination with Immune to Retaliation. I guess we've been spoiled with Bloodsnake Shaman.
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    agree, inferno got better creatures and attack anywhere building
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    Oh man, tell me more about stronghold needs an buff because its so underpowerd before anyway..

    Stronghold was one of the leading faction in the Meta, the new expansion offers an ALTERNATIVE playstyle (Attack Anywhere, Harpy & Centaur Decks etc) what i think is a very good solution because the existing decks types where already strong enough!

    We can debate if Inferno needed a push, but what we can say so far is that most Problems got a efficient solution with the new expansion, such as Haven getting GREAT Cards that were badly needed. Only sad that necro didn't get the love they needed.

    All in all a good step in the right direction with this new expansion IMHO
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    Originally Posted by alidesaster Go to original post
    most Problems got a efficient solution with the new expansion, such as Haven getting GREAT Cards that were badly needed.
    Which cards are you referring to? I saw neither great cards nor needed cards for Haven.
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    I'm actually looking forward to the stronghold cards. Might try a Shaar poke deck with windborn speed and pao scouts as finishers. Or maybe Fire Rain plus blessing of the storm.
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