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    Originally Posted by Red--Death Go to original post
    I had this very same bug and saw Tyrone fall as said above.

    I got it working though. When you just shoot a few times on the house with any weapon untill people start shouting, then hack it. Tyrone didn't fall anymore.
    Hope this helps for other people as well.

    this worked. I think it's an issue with getting detected from the stage after that part. ubisoft needs either to fix this or give it a more prominent place for people to find it. It's an old game. think about the people who'll want to play this in some years...
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    Hi Friends,

    So it's May 2, 2020 and I'm playing Watch_Dogs on PC after getting it free on the Epic Games Store. Feeling nostalgic from when I first moved out and had purchased a PS4, was ecstatic to play the game again. Even though I never got this far initially 6 years ago, this is my first time running into this bug.

    I can say with certainty that shooting the house, waiting for people to run and scream, AND THEN hacking the house completely by passes this bug 6 YEARS LATER.

    Hope my confirmation helps for those running into this issue!

    Happy Gaming!

    ps/ also thanks to those who posted this information, now I can finally finish the game!
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    Wow, it's amazing that this bug still exists 6 YEARS LATER.
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    Hey folks,

    Can anyone confirm if the workaround provided by Ciatore works?

    Once we have clarification on this, we can forward this on to the team.
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    Worked after restarting the game

    I encountered this bug, googled it, found this thread, and decided to simply try again. It worked. Did not have to shoot up anything.

    Same thing happened when I got stuck in the container leading to the "bunker". Restart the game: All good.

    FWIW: I struggle a lot with this game. If I launch from the uplay launcher, 9 times out of 10 I don't get any audio. Launching from the epic launcher works better for some reason.
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    Rune9-5: Thanks for that update, Rune9-5. We definitely appreciate you sharing this.
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    I did not take a video or a screenshot as I was overwhelmed of the issue I encountered and I'm not sure if I can replay the mission to see if it happens again, but I did shoot the house but Bedbug was barely moving, but I think either shooting or getting in on the camera and out of it repeatedly a few times did it for me. Or just wait a little longer. Surely the bug still exists. Happened at 2020/5/24
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    Hey NikolasoNS,

    Thanks for sharing that information with us.
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