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    PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) Alternate Units, Pilots, Items and Mechs

    Since PAX 2014 is this week, will there be any cross promotional drops and merchandise in the Shop for us fans of Penny-Arcade and AirMech to purchase? If not, how would we request it be done?

    My next question which is a bit off topic but related to this post: Will we see other cross platform promotional items make it here to the Xbox 360 version such as the Minecraft Creeper, the Portal/Portal 2 Turret and the many others?
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    +1 please
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    Brazilian tournament Airmech Arena


    I'm organizing a tournament of Airmech Arena here in Brazil, with more than 30 participants, the tournament will be on 01 / Nov. I wish I could reward the third ranked with some toast Carbon, will be that I get some support? It is also a way to release the game here in Brazil.

    sorry my english, I'm not very good

    My gamertag : Cavadinha Ninja
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    how to disable microsoft telemetry

    In order to find more about Microsoft compatibility telemetry in deep for so much time, then without finding difficulties and struggling in searching, you can go ahead with tablettechtoday.com and gather more information in general that whenever required at any time.
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