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    elemental ongoing spell/auras

    So, yeah, we already have two of them:


    So, how about extending these for all magic schools?
    Here are some possible designs:

    1. Dark:
      crippling touch
      5 mana
      5 magic requirement

      'Friendly Dark creatures gain Crippling 2.'

    2. Light:
      Blinding Presence
      4 mana
      3 magic equirement

      'Whenever a friendly Light creature is atacked, the attacking creature looses 'immune to retaliation' until end of turn.'

    3. Earth:
      Mother Earth's Blessing
      5 mana
      4 magic requirement

      'Friendly Earht creatures gain Infect 1 and Regeneration 2.

    4. Prime:
      Consuming Void
      3 mana
      3 magic requirement

      'The damage dealt by friendly Prime creatures cannot prevented, reduced or healed.'
      cannot be healed: Reduces the maximum health with the attack. For example: A Prime creature deals 3 damage to a creature with 4/5 health. After the attack he is left with 1/2 health.

    5. Air:
      Power of the Storm
      4 mana
      4 magic requirement

      'Friendly Air creatures gain Focused Blast 2 and Shockwave 2'

    I tried to pick typical effects of each spell schools, which are either uncommon or give a good synergy.

    Well, the theme would be either crippling, life drain or something enterily unique (whenever a friendly Dark creature kills another creature, deploy a copy of the destroyed creature', which I deemed to powerful). Well, I like crippling...

    This one has great synergy with preemptive strike and retaliation, which are reocurring themes in the light magic school. It is fairly powerful, yet as long as no preemptive strike is involved, it only really empoweres fatties, which isn't a bad thing :P

    Earth has Infect, Regeneration, Towering and Anchored. Anchored and Towering aren't that useful, face it - we have enough ongoing spells which give Anchored already, and Towering wouldn't really be worth it.
    Earth should IMO be a blocker. With regeneration 2 on top of Infect 1, it should give time while inflicting slowly damage to enemy creatures, while at the same time not beeing too powerful. Still, it is Regeneration + Venomous Touch on each Earth creature, thus I think it should be costing 5 mana

    Void is known for dispelling, banishing and returning creatures to the hand/teleporting friendly creatures. Well, none of these effects was really useful for an ongoing spell, IMO, thus I thought about adding a different Arcane Mastery (damage from frindly magic sources cannot be prevented or reduced) and a new, unique effect which has been seen in, for example, HoMM 6 (Phoenix and Implosion are both Prime based and their damage can't be healed. Avatar of the Void as another example). It should give Prime creature an egde against certain decks (magic resist, magic ward, life drain or healing decks). Since it is very situational, it is the cheapest spell.

    Air. Known for relocate, direct damage, Swift and anti flyer. Well, relocate would be an ETB, direct damage would be somewhat strange swift is far too common and anti flyer would be too situational.
    But we have a card which gives Shockwave, though I have to say that it is pretty underwhelming, and we don't have any effect which would grant focused blast, a very interesting ability. Since I thought it would fit to the Air school and I couldn't think of anything else ...

    Another idea I had - there could be a way to expand the elemental theme even further: An Aura which changes the creature into an elemental creature. Examples:

    1. Dark:
      3 mana
      4 magic requirement

      'Enchanted creature becomes a Dark creature.
      Enchanted creature gains Life Drain X, where X is its Power.'

    2. Light:

      3 mana
      4 magic requirement

      'Enchanted creature becomes a Light creature.
      Enchanted creature cannot be targeted and gains preemptive Strike.'

    3. Fire:
      Abyssal Armor

      3 mana
      4 magic requirement

      'Enchanted creature becomes a fire creature.
      Enchanted creature gains Attack Anywhere.

    4. Water:
      Hypnotizing Gaze

      3 mana
      4 magic requirement

      'Enchanted creature becomes a Water creature.
      Enchanted creature gains Hypnotize and "At the beginning of your turn, it deals 1 damage to all immobilized creatures.".'

    5. Prime:

      3 mana
      4 magic requirement

      'Enchanted creature becomes a Prime creature.
      Whenever enchanted creature deals combat damage, you may exile an ongoing spell.'

    6. Earth:

      3 mana
      4 magic requirement

      'Enchanted creature becomes an Earth creature.
      When enchanted creature is put into a graveyard, return it to the battlefield at the beginning of your next turn. (The enchantment will remain in the graveyard.)'

    7. Air:

      3 mana
      4 magic requirement

      'Enchanted creature becomes an Air creature.
      Enchanted creature gains Quick Attack and Evade.'

    Just some suggestions and ideas
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    And of course the light ongoing has to be the worst just because itīs light magic -.-

    No, Iīm joking...very well designed cards, mate I donīt like the idea of ongoing spells/fortunes though, to be honest. Had bad experience with the might of nature, insect swarm and some hellfire maniacs...

    Btw I think your cards shouldnīt have the same cost, some effects are way better than others, and for the prime enchant, Iīd give town portal effect to target creature if enchanted creature isnīt blocked, but I like your designs, itīs an interesting idea as much as I donīt like strong ongoings, but making them elemental might balance the cards.
    Hey, you should try aura of frost if you didnīt yet, itīs quite good with yukiko, trust me, and really funny.
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    Thought we already had one for earth as well? Earth Growth http://mmdoc-s05.seekrit.info/EN/s05_Spe_Ear_071.jpg
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    Originally Posted by Stoneofhelp Go to original post
    Thought we already had one for earth as well? Earth Growth http://mmdoc-s05.seekrit.info/EN/s05_Spe_Ear_071.jpg
    Oh. You are right. I actually read that card as though all your creatures would get anchored and towering and I still found it underwhelming. Ehm. Damn, with that, Earth has the greatest disadvantage.
    (Who the hell designed that spell anyway :P I mean, 4 mana for only earth creature gaining an two egded effect [anchored, while it prevents relocate and unsummon, it does not help against conventional removals. As a sideeffect, the enemy can simply dogde it by moving away and put a blocker in that row.] and a medicore ability [Towering does only really help against creatures. The main damage is dealt through spells/fortunes if you want to remove a special creature which happens to be a flyer, shooter or melee shooter. Sure, it once twarted my plan using charge to kill all creatures, but I still wouldn't consider it powerful at all. Compare it with the cold spell for hells sake.)

    Air and Dark seem to have less creatures avaible, too. Especially Air has it tough, since most of the creatures tend to be quick attack/charge orc creatures, while orcs are atm heavily fortune based.

    Oh well. since earth already has such a spell, I doubt it will get a second one. Mhm.
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