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    Casual Deck Contest #1

    What is the Casual Contest?
    The Casual Contest is an ongoing deck building contest series, where one "Contestmaster" gives a tast about building a deck and the participants have to build the decks considering the task. In the end the "Contestmaster" rates the decks after a scheme that he prestented when he gave the task. "Contestmaster" is always the winner of the previous Contest. The winning deck will always win prices, however the player will only recieve them AFTER HE HAS RATED "HIS" CONTEST to avoid people beeing too lazy to rate in the end, because it is quite a time consuming task, so if you participate be sure to be able to rate decks in some time theoretically. Of course it can happen, that something unforseen happens, in this case please contact the responsibles for the Contest (GZ.Milky and Kimmundi). The "Contestmaster also determines deadline and maximum paricipants (at least 10 max).

    Information for the "Contestmaster":
    An example task for example could for example be "Build a deck focusing on fatties". This is a rather general task you can also be more specific if you want (for example format determination). Sometimes you might also want to include rules like "no more than 4 epics" to balance your task.
    Your scheme should generally include the following parts : Creativity, Deckstrengh, Implementation of the task and for some bonus points presentation.
    For example a scheme to the task from above could be: Creativity: Max 10P Strengh: Max 7P Usage of fatties: Max4P and 2 Bonus points for presentation.
    If you would change strengh and creativity points for example the task would be different, because now you would rather need to build the strongest fatties deck, instead of the most original. Deadline should usually be somewhere around 2 weeks. If you prefer a specific format of how the decks are posted you need to tell it. You should always test the decks if possible. Otherwise maybe try to play against the player who posted it if he has the cards. Otherwise try to find help elsewhere (for example in the mmdoc.net chat).
    Eventually you should explain your points given and in combination of a list of all filled in schema for all participants and post it as an answear to the thread.
    Important for the paricipant:
    You can participate simply via posting your deck + presentation as an answear to this thread. In the presentation you could write why you chose that deck and explain your card choice. Also if you have tested it you can write how the tests went and what you feel is strong about the deck and what matchups could be better. You don't need to posses all the cards, but its obviously better if you can test if your idea works.
    The winner will recieve one Griffin Bane Superbox!

    This is a standarized text. The first answear to this must be the "Contestmaster". Please do only post your contest entry here, for other disscussion use the discussion thread (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...cussion-Thread).
    Good Luck and Have Fun!
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    For the first Contest i will be the Contestmaster (after it will be the winner of the previous ones). So here is the first task:
    "Build a deck with the theme: healing" Whether you heal creatures or your hero is open to you. Be creative - i will give more points for creativity and implementation of healing
    than for pure strengh. You don't neccessarily need to play haven! Necro has healing effects as well, just like any hero with light! Format is open!
    Schema: Total 20 Points
    7Points Creativity (do you simply play a haven deck with all heal creatures in the faction? Thats not very creative!)
    6Points Implementation of healing in your deck (Do you simply play a good deck making it only a little weaker with some heal spells? Not many points to get here then!)
    5Points Playstrengh (should be clear, ofc i dont expect topdecks out of this theme)
    2Points Presentation (I want to get to know your deck)

    Deadline: 07.09.2014 12:00 CET, after this your posts can't be changed anymore!
    Max participants: 15, you can reserve a spot for 3 days maximun by writing "Reserved". If the post hasnt been edited after 72 hours, it will loose its value. Please do
    only reserve spots if you plan on participaiting.
    It would be appreciated if you load up your decks here http://www.platoongaming.fr/decks/?P...0smhqs2mn7o9o0, but it isn't mandatory.
    Good luck!!
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    Spoiler:  Show

    The primordial dragon Asha renders the fate of all mortal beings—she spins forth their destiny upon their birth, measures it throughout their time in the physical world, and then embraces their life force upon death. Necromancers believe Asha sits in a gigantic web, made of the souls of all things, that was, is and will be live. If a person dies, the thread would be divided in two or more and the threads would be weaved to another thread, another soul. So, this process of dying and reincarnation is eternal.

    Necromancers have their own vision of healing. Their creed : Asha uses all. In order to give life or for one to grow stronger, someone must pay the price. This is the philosophy I had in mind when creating the deck.

    “HEALING” :
    Spoiler:  Show

    Based on the philosophy that in order to gain strength, someone must pay the price :

    In life : Some of the creatures help Adar-Malik grow strong. They either boost his might level, bring him good fortune or powerful spells. On the other hand, those creatures are very weak, sacrificing their potential entirely for Adar-Malik. Ultimately, those devoted servants are willing to give their body to shield him from harm and their soul to heal him from some of the past wounds he suffered. Even my choice of events helps my hero grow stronger, but always at a cost for that is the Necromancer’s way.

    In death : Death is but the beginning and in graveyards often lie the greatest of treasures. Mummy will come back from the graveyard to serve their master once again. Inheritance offers me other ways to sacrifice my (dead) creatures to give Adar-Malik even more strength. Army of Dead raises skeleton to protect Adar-Malik every turn, while Seria’s Legion bring back to life my dead servants.

    Healing is so much more meaningful and strong, when you can careful plan how and when to use it.

    Spoiler:  Show

    Phase 1 : Surviving
    - Most of the deck is playable at 1/3/3 stats. Aim for this first.
    - Most of your key cards cost 3 ressources, which is perfect for Inheritance. Remember, you need to have 0 ressource to play it.
    - Put blockers in front of enemy’s attacking creatures. Obviously, put your 3 hp blockers in front of 1-2 attack creatures.
    - Fetch Army of Dead : If possible, play it before you play Forbidden Flame to keep tempo after the wipe.
    - Fetch Forbidden Flame : If possible, wait until turn 6-7 before you play it. That way, you'll be able to play Soul Harvest just before.

    Phase 2 : Beating your Enemy
    - Soul Harvest : Should be used with Arkath's Wrath. With your Army of Dead in play, it should heal for 4+.
    - Silent Death / Altar of Asha : Those are mostly meant to be fetched and dumped with events.
    - Finisher : Seria's Legion to block multiple lanes with void wraiths. 4 Soothsayers will ensure you eventually get it.
    - Finisher 2 : Cursed Bound will also do the job if you can stack it on a 3 or 4 attack creature.
    - Expect normal games to last between 7 -12 rounds.
    - Hard Counters : Deb and Alia Mass Rage recycling Pao Deathseekers / Void Wraiths.

    The main “healing” cards are Soul Harvest and Seria’s Legion. Even if they are few in numbers, expect to be able to play one of each on every game. This deck might not "heal" with big numbers, but since games will not last very long with this deck, the little bit of healing you'll be able to do will make all the difference and put you out of range of Pao Deathseeker finishers.
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    Charity - The Priest (Mill deck)

    The most peaceful deck in the world! It hasn't any sources of damage and all about defense and heal.

    The first attempt is here

    After a lot of games it transforms into final version

    Deck Philosophy includes 3 statements:

    1) Early Game Stall

    Spoiler:  Show

    4x Altar of Shadows
    4x Stone Shield
    4x Celestial Armour
    4x Insect Swarm

    12 stall spells and fortunes provide easy early game for you. Only Charity has such powerful defence! And also you have 4x IS as a plan B

    This free time you can spend for card accumulation. Use events for it:
    4x Week of Knowledge
    4x Celebrations

    Also draw potential is provided by
    4x Campfire
    3x Golden Horseshoe

    May be some Arcane Academy should be included in this deck.

    P.S. Actually Insect Swarm is also type of non-traditional heal. Proof: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apitherapy

    2) Find your Guard and protect him
    Spoiler:  Show

    When you reach turn 10-11, stall spells start to ending, you should play your combo
    The key stone of this deck is

    4x Imperial Guard - these guys take all damage from you. But u should take care and protect him

    And Charity has a lot tools to it

    4x Sand Shield - from each attack your bodyguard take 1 damage less. This effect stacks! After full combo it takes damage only from sources with 5 damage or more. Do you know any creatures with such damage?
    4x Sylanna's Embrace - +2 additional hp and +1 regeneration. It is exactly what we need.
    4x Earth Bound - protection from bridges and townportals. You actually need at least one on your guard
    4x Makeshift Shelter - the other key card. For only 2 resources It gives untarget and total defence from all melee and range-melee creatures! You can forget about stacks or
    rage orcs with infinite damage. Tip: You can attack by your guard and delete shelter. Thus you can continue buff him next turn (but u should place other shelter do defend him versus soul reaver)
    2x Regeneration - +2 regen, actual thing versus high damage creatures like Shi-No-Shi
    3x Divine Intervention - Dispell and heal. Really need it after first turn of combo. (Like in Ishuma replay)

    And some silver bullets
    1x Resurrection - incase if your guards are discarded by purge or cosmic balance
    1x Elrath's Protection - untarget vs mass rages and vs hakeems

    Strategy is simple place your guard (better to do it under Celestial Armour ) and make some buffs. Next turn destroy your shelter, heal him if it need and finish to equipe your guard. Now he is invulnerable almost at all (only 4 arkats in row can kill him).

    3) Milll stage
    Spoiler:  Show

    Just skip turns, look on rage of your opponent and take fun.

    When your deck is ended, you haven't any mill damage due to the guard.
    But opponent isn't protected from it. So skip turns and wait. Enemy will die from old age around 45-th turn. xD

    Deck Strength

    Charity The Priest crushes rush and mid-range top decks. Kelthors, Matewas, Xorms and so on. And BSC can't make anything versus you. Cosmic balance is a little trouble, but u can live with it (actually don't need to cast full combo to win).
    However other stalls and mass dispels ussually win versus you. (But u have chances to win versus Ignat and mill Hakkem)

    And remember that it is a just fun deck.

    Finally, Milky, Thank You for this contest. It gives me this idea and a lot of fun during testing and improving this deck.
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    Zardoc Regeneration

    The ovjective is to hold the game until you can play BS Crusher and boost it with earth cards. Friendly spells can hit it, but since you'll have regeneration it will be possible to manage to keep it alive and kill enemy creatures in front of it with the help of spells.

    The deck don't work only around BS Crusher, but it works better with it's help.

    Heling comes in the regeneration aspect and I let some ranged Bloodthirst creatures so they can support your damage output and help killing enemies in front of your BS Crusher.
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    Okay, gone for something a bit odd but with nice synergies to give it a chance. No light, no haven, but tons of heals!

    It's new namtaru poison combo control MoN SotS heals (working title)


    Spoiler:  Show
    It starts blocking with stally creatures, particularly ones that heal themselves with hangman's tree's regeneration, vampire knight's life drain and ofc soul lich. It augments these with mass regeneration in the mid turns while seeking favourable board wipes by using insect swarm in combination with life drain/soul lich to make the wipes somewhat one-sided. Once stabilised it takes control with might of nature, strength of the sea and strong melee creatures. But there's a twist! There's also heavy use of mass poison which are then used in combination with both holy communion (1 cost!) to make the mass-poisons actually heal your own creatures, and plague bearers to let you summon them as if they were dodos. Plague bearers that are backed up by MoN! So yeah there's a lot going on there and lots of different heals which of course makes the deck somewhat uncompetitive, but there's lots of synergies too which hopefully makes the deck bags of fun.

    Some of the synergies visualized:

    First cast some

    This opens up lots of combos for us, first we can double up the poison:

    We can use all the stacked poison to heal our creatures:

    But before we do that we can summon 4/2/7s for cheap/free:

    All in all we have 18 cards that can heal. That's 12 creatures that heal themselves, 4 fortunes that combo in to poisons to heal creatures, and two spells.

    edit: bought some of the missing cards today (still don't have complete list) and added a replay to the deck on the baguette site and made it to 93 telo in the JP going 5-3, I don't think it will do much more than that.

    edit2: another replay, managed to beat a garant gate http://www.mmdoctools.com/replay/399...garant.en.html
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    Spoiler:  Show
    Shalan Water Heal

    This deck is built around water creatures. Greater Water Elemental is the star of the deck; it gets healed by all your damage spells, so try to catch it in the blast whenever possible!
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    Spoiler:  Show
    Necromantic Healing&Massrage by Infernal_Wisdom

    Hero: Adar Malik

    Deck: http://www.platoongaming.fr/deck/227...eck-contest-1/

    This is a little tweaked version of my adar malik massrage

    What are the possible combos?


    this combo provides some massive health to your hero, you can add some wood to fire by adding more creatures in board before armageddon

    or any creature

    with consume minion card, you can sacrifice your own creatures to heal your hero for 3 health!

    this combo is a late game combo and it is perfect for both additional pao poke damage and additional consume minion heal, you can sacrifice your own pao(which would die anyway) to gain 3 health and with adar malik's ability you can take that pao back to your hand to poke opponent with more quick attacks

    Gameplay: Always mulligan for a magic peddler, the forbidden flame is your key to survive, or you can accept the hand if there are 3 or more little blockers.

    Altar of shadows are your only defensive stall cards, so use them wisely, and I dont recommend using them against primal users or against sanctuary faction when the board is full stream singers and void ripples/ minor recall can hit you hard with good boost with mercenery event or something else

    also behave like a stall player, always act and think like super suspicious, do not risk anything, use your healing abilities whenever you can, block opponent whenever you can, aim surviving first, then try to draw some cards secondly, remember your mission is making game delay as long as possible, late game is yours!

    after a couple of wipes, you can lock your opponent with some saved wastelands if possible

    and finally poke them with paos and cursed bounds and void wraiths until they die

    Replay: http://www.filedropper.com/massragereplay

    (you can download replay from this online storage website I could not upload to platoon website since I don't know french )

    and for the last thing: add this deck +1 prize of the void and +1 tower of oblivion, I forgot to add, but consider this deck is with prize of the void and with tower of oblivion

    FAQ: isn't 65 carded deck a little too much? pro decks are always at 59 cards!!!!

    A: it is a rule for creature based decks, actually using night of the rising moon provides you draw like a beast
    so.... more cards are not hurting stall decks as much as they are hurting creature decks, but you can check "this thread" if you are not believing, 3rd table will help you!

    thanks for this good forum event and thanks for reading
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    Noboru ( http://www.platoongaming.fr/deck/226...-deck-contest/ )

    Healing also means a healthy lifestyle. For this chose a integral approach.

    First of all sanctuary is the fraction of wisdom. We all know that education is the base for a long life in modern times. This is supported by my events. Graduation day shows that there is a so kind of mystical university all my creatures visit . The second is week of taxes. Taxes are really important to run a healthcare system that is free for all.

    My creatures. I just chose cute looking ones that seem not be able to even harm a fly. A few of the are so pacifistic that they can stop Isis, inferno or even al qaida from attacking (an abyssal worm felt in love with raya and the result of her pregnancy can bee seen in the next expansion). No war-> health

    My spell are a mixure of prevention, protection and recreation -> Simply the modern approch of medicine. Peace and harmony my friends you know

    My fortunes can be described in one sentence. Drinking tea in a zen garden of flowers and waiting for enlightenment. -> VEGAN TEA!!!

    Yeah thats all. Gimme da box. My super healthy guys need it to do secret operations with more powerfull fellows against our enemys in inferno land.
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