Please read over the following guidelines and rules for posting images.



Hotlinking images is not permitted. Many websites now utilize methods to prevent hotlinking which replaces any hot linked images for offensive content, the intention to deter persons from hotlinking their images.

Posting hotlinked images may result in the poster inadvertently posting offensive content on the forums which WILL result in account suspension/ ban.

You need to ensure that your images are stored on an Imagehost site that allows remote linking. There are many sites on the internet that are free, where you can store your images.

Image Posting Rules

All Images posted within these forums are subject to the Forum Rules including and in addition to the following...

Images must NOT....
  • Contain any inappropriate content including but not limited to sexual content or reference etc
  • Contain foul language not permitted on the boards with or without symbols to disguise their intended purpose.
  • Insult, harass, abuse members, mods or staff of the boards or support.
  • Contain quotes, conversations, or chat logs, posted by members, mods or staff either on these boards or elsewhere.
  • Incite or promote hate groups, or groups designed to troll, flame across the forums.
  • Violate the Ubisoft Terms of Use

How to post an image

*Uploading an image from a host site-
1. To use a picture from the internet and not from your computer you need to upload it to a host site. Sites such as Photobucket, ImageShack, and flickr are only a few that are available.
2. It needs to meet the size guidelines, or it will not upload.
3. Make sure you use the direct link.

*Posting a picture from a host site-
There are 2 ways to insert an image into a reply.

1. You can use this code [img] followed by [/img] with the link between the code. Make sure to paste it as plain text and not a hyperlink, so it works properly. You will need to remove the spaces after and before [img].

2. You can copy the URL and enter it into the box from the Insert Image button.
Choose the image icon in the reply box

Paste the URL into the box and click OK.

Finish your message and click Post Reply.

Image Format

  • Please use Image Formats: *.JPEG or *.PNG. or *.GIF


What is and is not suitable is at the sole discretion of the moderators and staff. They reserve the right to remove any image they deem inappropriate without prior notice and where appropriate violators will be banned, consider this your first and final warning.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation