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    Trials Fusion DLC Release: Empire of the Sky

    It’s time.

    Empire of the Sky is out now for all Trials Fusion players! No matter which of the 4 platforms you play on, PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One or Xbox 360, you can now get your hands on brand new content for Trials Fusion. Empire of the Sky is available as a digital download for $4.99, or for free for Season Pass holders, and is the second installment of six DLCs that will be coming in Trials Fusion in the first year.

    Empire of the Sky brings you 6 new Classic Trials tracks with 18 new track challenges, 1 new supercross track, a new skill game, and a high flying FMX track. There is also a ton of new Empire of the Sky editor pieces for our amazing track building community, as well as new achievements and trophies for the achievement hunters out there. New Squirrels and secrets await you in the clouds.

    Specifics? Yeah, we’ve got those.

    Five new achievements/trophies
    250 Gamer Score on Xbox One
    100 Gamer Score on Xbox 360
    Two Silver, Two Bronze, and One Gold Trophy on PlayStation 4

    Nine exciting new tracks, including:
    Six Classic Trials Tracks
    One new Supercross (local multiplayer) track
    One new Skill Game "Freefall"
    One new FMX Track, "High Society"

    Eighteen new Track Challenges
    Each Classic Trials Track features three surprising Track Challenges
    Track Challenges range from secret locations to surprising mini-games, such as:
    Crash the dinner party
    Skydive with the Penguins!
    Please the Paparazzi!

    Dozens of new Editor Objects, including:
    Anti-gravity technology
    Resort homes
    Force fields
    Floating platforms

    There are 4 more DLC packs planned for Trials Fusion’s first season. Keep your eyes open, as you never know when we’ll be putting out more Trials Fusion information. Until then, we’ll see you on the leaderboards.
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    since you're talking about tons of new items, I would prefer that there was a few kilo (proportional to size) ... oops ... humor, good work guys
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    Really like the dlc's Redlynx. Keep up the good work. I prefer quality of quantity.
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    Had a quick slash at this last night - some top-notch tracks! Brilliant stuff RL!
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