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    Assassin's Creed Rogue & Assassin's Creed Unity Twitter Q&A Recaps


    Please click on the 'Spoiler: Show' buttons bellow to reveal the Q&A for the corresponding title. The first one is specifically regarding Assassin's Creed Rogue, and the second one is regarding Assassin's Creed Unity. Remember to follow @AssassinsCreed on Twitter to stay up-to-date on all the latest AC news!

    Each 'Q' & 'A' links to the original questions and answers on Twitter.

    Assassin's Creed Rogue Questions & Answers from Twitter:

    During GamesCom, we hosted a Twitter Q&A with Assassin's Creed Rogue Producers Karl Luhe and Ivan Balabanov. Twitter users asked questions to @AssassinsCreed on Twitter using #AskACRogue. Below is a recap of the Q&A that was covered. Details including ship upgrades, Shay's background, and other story details were mentioned.
    Spoiler:  Show

    Q: The upgrades for the pirate ship in Rogue similar to the one in Black flag?
    A: We have an extensive and rewarding upgrade tree for the Morrigan.

    Q: What's happening with modern day?
    A: #AskACRogue

    Q: Does this mean we get to control the guards we corrupt? Really would enjoy doing that.
    A: Guards attack the first person they see when berserked.

    Q: Will there underground tombs and such to explore?
    A: There will be underground structures to explore, including ice caves and native hills!

    Q: The map of NY is more bigger than that same map of AC3?
    A: New York will be bigger and gang infested, because this game occurs 20 years before the Great Fire.

    Q: Are there boats?
    A: YES!! There will be quite a few... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6M_jpmLydw

    Q: Will Achilles appear in the story? Or the Aquila?
    A: Maybe...

    Q: Will the modern day storyline play any role in the game?
    A: There is a modern day story, but we can't reveal anything now.

    Q: Are we gonna be playing as Shay the Assassin and the Templar or we'll start a game as a Templar?
    A: tiny spoiler
    Spoiler:  Show
    You start the game as an Assassin. #AskACRogue

    Q: What special things we can do in this series?
    A: Hmmm... playing as a Templar, exploring new location, use Shay's Air Rifle and Grenade Launcher, just to name a few.

    Q: Where did the idea of Rogue come from? Why Shay? Why not Haytham?
    A: The story of Haytham is covered in AC3 and the novel "Forsaken" ... plus, Shay is a badass.

    Q: Will there be a frontier like in AC3?
    A: Our version of the Frontier is the River Valley, where you can also sail with your ship, The Morrigan.

    Q: is Rogue the next major game in the series or is it a bit of a side game/one off?
    A: #ACRogue completes the Kenway Saga spanning AC3 and AC4, and is an uncompromising triple-A AC experience. #AskACRogue!

    Q: Are we going to get in depth about why Shay turned his back on the brotherhood or will it be just an Assassin hunt?
    A: This is a pivotal part of Shay's story!

    Q: Will Haytham Kenway be the only character with an appearance in the game?
    A: Nope, but that's all you'll get out of us for now!

    Q: Can you paint your ship and the sailing of it ?
    A: Yes, customization and upgrades are a key part of the experience.

    Q: On the gameplay demo did we see Hatham Kenway standing next to Shay on the Morrigan?
    A: Hells yeah!

    Q: Will hunting and harpooning return, or will there be a new system for upgrading your character?
    A: Both will return with specific animals appropriate to the new environment.

    #AskACRogue is now trending in USA, ranking 5

    Q: is Shay Cormac Irish?
    A: Shay Patrick Cormac? Yes, he is Irish.

    Q: What does Rogue have that Unity doesn't?
    A: Naval combat, playing as a Templar... Great Auks, Polar Bears... you're going to have to play both, for sure.

    Q: Do you think it will be weird for players to play as a Templar since throughout the franchise you've played as an assassin?
    A: Shay will follow a conflicted and challenging transition from Assassin to Templar, our players will do the same.

    Q: Knowing templars are rich. Do you start Rogue with a lot of money?
    A: As a Templar, Shay has access to the most advanced weaponry, like the Grenade Launcher and Puckle Gun.

    Q: What animal will we be able to hunt?
    A: New animals you can hunt include (but are not limited to): Polar Bears, Arctic Wolves and Narwhals!

    Q: Who is the guy next to Shae in the Artic naval gameplay trailer?
    A: Haytham Kenway :° <3 #AskACRogue

    Q: wait, wait, wait! How is he relates to the Kenways??? I need details please! O.O and before or after 3 and 4???
    A: No details yet, but it will take place between AC3 and AC4... or AC4 and AC3, to be technical.

    Q: What's the part about Rogue that you are most excited for? How has it improved to other Assassins Creeds?
    A: Our Writers and Designers had a lot fun brainstorming what it means to be a Templar.

    Q: Will we be able to purchase different melee weapons, or just different types of swords like in AC4?
    A: As a Templar, Shay loves dealing damage while dual-wielding his dagger and sword.

    Q: Will shay be able to use a hidden blade while a templar?
    A: Yes, having been trained as an Assassin, Shay retains his mastery of the iconic Assassin Hidden Blade.

    Q: Is that oil default or a upgrade for the Morrigan?
    A: It's a badass upgrade you can use against enemy ships to light them on fire and send their crew screaming!

    Assassin's Creed Unity Twitter Q&A with Lead Game Designer Benjamin Plich:

    During GamesCom, we hosted a Twitter Q&A with Assassin's Creed Unity's Lead Game Designer, Benjamin Plich. Twitter users asked questions to @AssassinsCreed on Twitter using #AskACBen. Below is a recap of the Q&A that was covered.

    Spoiler:  Show

    What makes this different the other assassins creed games?
    A: This is the first, full Next-Gen Assassin's Creed, and you can play with your friends cooperatively.

    Q: Is the free-aim with the pistol back? If so can we free aim with the phantom blade?
    A: Yes, you can free aim with both pistol and Phantom Blade!

    Q: What are the different ways you could receive skill points ?
    A: Completing missions in the single-player campaign, Brotherhood missions (co-op) and finding hidden collectibles.

    Q: Are they going to be even higher view points in this game?
    A: We have a lot of them, that's for sure. We've never had so many tall landmarks! Paris is the biggest single city.

    Will AC Unity achievements be mainly focused on 4 player coop? Or hopefully mainly single player?
    A: They're mainly for single-player, but we have a few for Brotherhood missions (which you can also do alone).

    Q: Will there still be competitive multiplayer in unity like in AC3?
    A: The main focus of AC Unity was the Brotherhood cooperative missions, so competitive play didn't fit with that.

    Q: Will any past assassins make a appearance in unity?
    A: For AC Unity, we are focusing only on the story of Arno and the French Brotherhood, so no past Assassins. But you can unlock costumes for some previous assassins... you'll have to play the game to find out how!

    Q: Will the combat system be different from past AC titles? It was too easy killing 15+ guards with the counter button.
    A: That won't be possible anymore since we removed the counter and chain-counter. The guards are also more aggressive!

    Q: Is Arno's personality more serious like Conner's or more active like Edward/ Ezio's?
    A: He's definitely closer to Ezio. He's sharp and witty. He's dedicated to avenging his step-father.

    Q: Why is unity not called 5?
    A: It's a restart for us, so we ditched the number to choose a name that would show the experience of playing the game.

    Q: Can we use double hidden blade?
    A: Yes. We still have Double Assassination and Aerial Double Assassinations!

    Q: How come AC Unity isn't on PS3?
    A: We simply couldn't achieve the quality levels of graphics, AI and sheer scale on the old gen. But this is also why we have dedicated effort towards AC Rogue, so all our players have Assassins Creed to enjoy.

    Q: Will AC Unity Co-Op have it's own story?
    A: They're separate stories focused on the French Brotherhood, but are still integrated into the overall narrative.

    Q: Is Arno going to be able to free run immediately at the start of the game or will he have to learn everything?
    A: Arno is an Assassin, so he can... although, you can gain additional abilities using Synch Points.

    Q: How is the fighting system different to the previous installments?
    A: We replaced the one-button counter with a parry and added more advanced moves for different types of weapons.

    Q: How much time you work a day?
    A: It depends where we are in production... but between eight and twelve hours per day.

    Q: How do you feel about your upcoming game?
    A: I feel confident about AC Unity and can't wait for players to experience it!

    Q: If you could pick between combat or stealth, what would it be?
    A: Personally, I prefer stealth. I even prefer pure stealth with no killing at all!

    Q: Will there be new moves and a bigger map?
    A: We have many new moves in navigation, fight and stealth. It's the biggest city we've ever created with interiors and underground!

    Q: In assassins creed unity, how in-depth is the customization of Arno?
    A: You can customize the hood, arms, waist, chest and legs using around 200 pieces. And colors too!

    Q: Would this be one of your favorite projects to have worked on? If so, why? And how does it differ from other projects?
    A: Yes, because it's been an adventure and there are so many talented developers working on it with me!

    Q: What are the new parkour techniques or aspects to help make freerunning more fluid in Assassin's Creed Unity?
    A: We now have Parkour Up and Down, which makes the free running much more fluid in general.

    Q: What kind of skills will we be able to learn throughout the game?
    A: There are basic moves like Double Assassination, use different types of weapons and lockpicking, to name just a few.

    Q: Will we be able to play as a female assassin in co-op?
    A: Everyone plays as Arno, but their own version of Arno with customized skills and equipment.

    Q: Are the fighting styles more advance? Are there different takedown techniques?
    A: Yes. We have different types of finishing moves, including ground executions and non-lethal takedowns.

    Q: What do you think about the new protagonist? Do you like him?
    A: I really like him, he's a cool guy. He's French, like me! And he has a strong and cute girlfriend!

    Q: How will the other assassins behave when playing alone? Is it AI or can you command them or what?
    A: When you are playing alone, you are playing alone... so you are the only Assassin on the mission.

    Q: Since the game focuses on Paris, will there be underground sections of the map?
    A: Yes, you can navigate underground through the sewers and the catacombs of Paris.

    Q: Will you be able to do double kill moves, like in previous games (not double counter kills)?
    A: Yeah, you can do Double Assassinations. Even better now because you can synchronize them with three other players!

    Q: Is the only place to explore is the city of Paris? And how big is it? Or are there other locations?
    A: It's the biggest city yet, and includes interiors as well as the underground. And there's Versailles as well!

    Q: Will other weapons such as spears (Yesss!) have as many combo's and possibilities as swords?
    A: All weapons are balanced to be as fun as the sword. They have the same number of moves.

    Q: Can you recruit a team of assassins to follow you & attack at will like AC Brotherhood?
    A: No... if you want to play with a Brotherhood, you have to play with your friends! You may find allies in the crowd, NPCs who will help you out, but you can't rely on them like your Brotherhood.

    Q: Will the coop assassins have a crucial part of the story, or are they more like aids to Arno's campaign?
    A: Other players are all playing their own customized versions of Arno, so they don't have specific identities.

    Q: Does naval combat still exist?
    A: Yeah, sure... in #ACRogue! ;D

    In the recent demo, Arno and the guy with him seemed unfriendly. Is Arno not well liked among the Assassins?
    A: Arno is a true Assassin of the Brotherhood, but you'll need to play to discover the details of his relationships.

    Q: Will we be able to play co-op missions in split screen mode?
    A: We want the player to be immersed in Paris, and we can't do that with split-screen.

    Q: Is the story gonna continue from Black Flag?
    A: Actually, AC Rogue is the perfect link between AC3, AC4 and AC Unity, but, you will have to play to find out!

    Q: Will we have any help from some NPCs? Like Leonardo DaVinci and Ezio / Antoine Lavoisier and Arnaud?
    A: Sure... Arno will meet different historical characters, like the Marquis de Sade and Robespierre.

    Q: Are the weapons relatively accurate to the time frame and are they "Made" by someone for Arno?
    A: They're all accurate to the time frame. Arno gets weapons in many ways, including from other characters.

    Q: Is there a chance for some French romance to take place during Unity? Does Arno have a way with the women?
    A: Oh... Arno is taken.
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    Oh my god yes I forgot about this.

    *flies to twitter*

    Edit- Here's my question:

    Will we be seeing DLC akin to Freedom Cry or ToKW in Rogue? Also will Legacy outfits make a comeback? #AskACRogue
    Hope it gets answered. Might ask more just to increase chances of one getting answered

    Edit 2- Oh someone asked about the Modern day. Good.

    Edit 3- Really? The question about beserk darts gets answered? smh

    Edit 4- AC conspiracies favorited one of my questions. Not sure what that means.

    Edit 5- Seriously? The "are there boats" question got acknowledged? FFFFFFF

    Edit 6- Achilles and the Aquila presence in AC: Rogue finally got confirmed. Big surprise. /sarcasm Well, the peeps answered "maybe " but hey they took the time to answer that specific question so...

    Edit 7- Ah finally modern day question being answered! Ok so the prescence of a modern day 'story' is confirmed. That's a relief.

    Edit 8- Dang it "Revolution"! That question was already answered! You wasted a question! *shakes fist*
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    Question: WIll this AC Rogue be available on PC?
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    Originally Posted by naumaan Go to original post
    Question: WIll this AC Rogue be available on PC?
    Hey Naumaan, questions asked here will not be seen by the Twitter Q&A crew.
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    My questions got skipped

    *crawls into ball* TT-TT
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    Originally Posted by UbiJohkr Go to original post
    Hey Naumaan, questions asked here will not be seen by the Twitter Q&A crew.
    thats sad ... ask it for me then :/
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    Lol I swear Rhinothebouncer is getting all the questions, lol.

    Edit: you can paint the ship. I dun know if you could do that in black flag.

    Edit 2: I swear some people just don't do their research. A good chunk of these questions have already been answered multiple times *shakes cane*
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    #AskACRogue, can we get a #AskACUnity?
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    #AskACRogue is now trending in USA, ranking 5 according to this tweet.
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    Ah screw it. Going all out to ask questions I know won't be answered, lol.
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