frior-one wrote:
- 1) do i have the option to start the qmb down on an
- airfield?
- i am only patched to version 1.2? (patches that came
- with the game - focus software version)
- i have tried the switch in difficulty setting but it
- seems not to make any difference. any pointers /
- help please ?

No take off in Quick Mission Builder.

- 2) i tried the pilot carer for the firts time last
- night.
- do the ranks start at the lowest and go up as you
- movfe down the list?

They start at the rank you set. You will gain promotions as time goes by if your performance satisfies the requirements.

- 3) i tried the glider test and the plane blew up on
- the runway - is this a patch problem ?

Not sure what you mean by this question?

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