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    Game Keeps Flipping between desktop and game when trying to click "New Game" or any

    icon on the start screen.

    I am running Windows 8 and I dont know how i can fix this.

    I have Quicktime player installed

    I have a great system, plenty of memory and all.

    is there a solution.
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    Questions, to help in problem diagnosis:

    1. To confirm, you are having this problem with Myst IV: Revelation, correct?

    2. Have you had the problem ever since installing the game, or is it something more recent?

    3. Do you have the problem with any other programs?

    4. When playing the game, do you have other applications open in the background and minimized to the taskbar, and if so, which applications?

    5. When playing the game, can you intentionally use Alt-Tab to go to the Desktop?

    6. Which anti-virus program are you running, how often do you update it, and do you have its auto-update function enabled?

    7. How many monitors are you running, and if more than one, are you playing the game on your primary monitor or on a secondary?

    8. Is your video chipset on a separate card, or is it integrated on the motherboard?

    9. Have you updated your video drivers to the latest from the video chipset manufacturer or your PC/motherboard manufacturer? (If your PC is new, do NOT assume that you have the latest drivers!)

    10. Have you tried different video resolutions when playing the game?

    11. Are you playing the game in windowed mode, or full-screen?
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