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    Heading to PAX Prime? Enter the world of Assassin's Creed. Assassins: Grand Hunt!

    You walk into a massive space filled with people; bright lights and loud sounds grab your attention. Your eyes narrow as you scan the crowd, searching for your prey. Your mission will not be complete until your target lies at your feet but your goals span far beyond your next kill.

    Assassins: Grand Hunt is a community social game inspired by the Assassin's Creed series and played during PAX Prime 2014 in Seattle, WA, August 29-September 1.

    Assassins: Grand Hunt makes use of Assassin's Creed images and content with the express permission of Ubisoft.

    Wait, what?
    Hi guys! I run community assassins games (Assassins and Assassins Ball) at PAX and this year I will be organizing, producing and running Assassins: Grand Hunt. Ubisoft has graciously allowed me to use their imagery and game content and in addition will be promoting the game and providing prizes to give to the top-rated players. There may also be other ways to win Assassin's Creed related prizes and swag.

    What is Assassins: Grand Hunt?
    You are an assassin with a mission to find specific players and assassinate them, gaining prestige for yourself and your allied faction. After you confirm a kill on your target you will receive a new mission and the process starts over.

    For more information check out Kotakus article on the game run at PAX East.

    Originally Posted by Unknown Assassin
    The Assassin have many tools at their disposal.
    Your Kit and Tools
    Assassins are only as good as their tools and in the Grand Hunt it's no different. Each assassin kit comes with a large 3" player button that has a number of elements on it to identify players as an assassin.

    Identifying Symbol - Each button is printed with a brightly colored shape on it that acts as an identifier for that player.
    A unique QR Code and 5-letter code used for registering your badge and other game-related activities.
    Below the symbol will be an emblem signifying that players allied faction (You'll pick your faction when you order your kit(s)).

    The button has both a standard pin-back and a clothing magnet attachment to ensure that it stays on. The button should be worn on your left arm facing out or on the upper left side of your chest.

    Kill Confirm
    In addition to the player button each assassin kit comes with a Kill Confirm card that will be used so other players can confirm they have attacked the correct target. This card has a prominent QR Code printed on it as well as an alphanumeric backup code.

    The game website http://www.phenixone.com will be your primary tool for Assassins: Grand Hunt information, registering your kit and receiving missions. Here you will also be able to view your prestige and ranking compared to other players overall and in your allied faction. The site has been built to work on mobile devices for use during the game.

    How to play
    Once you've received your kit you will need to go to the game website and register your player button (You will need to create an account that requires a valid email address prior to this step).

    Shortly before the game starts you will receive an email with your first mission. This mission will also be displayed on the website. Each mission will identify a specific symbol to look for on other assassin players as well as the preferred faction for the target. The specified faction on a mission is always optional but matching it to your target will earn you more prestige.

    While you will never receive a mission requiring you to target your own faction you are free to do so if a players symbol matches the one on your mission. Once a mission has been assigned, you will notice that a timer starts to countdown on the website. After a few hours time the timer will reach zero and if you have not found your target you may request a new mission.

    Assassinating Players
    Despite the subject matter Assassins: Grand Hunt is not a physical game. Be respectful when approaching a target to inform them you have just killed them. While you are encouraged to be creative please do not:

    • Use prop weapons
    • Do things that could be considered threatening (Physical contact, proximity)
    • Above all don’t ruin someones fun

    Confirming assassinations
    To confirm your kill enter the code on that players Kill Confirm card on the website. Feel free to snap a picture of it for entering later in the event that you cannot access the website (You will need to confirm the kill before you will be given a new mission, however). You will only be able to assassinate players once.

    Earning prestige
    Prestige are points awarded for each confirmed assassination to the player. Points are also award to the assassins allied faction (except if the player and target are in the same faction). The amount of prestige awarded is determined by how closely you match your target to your mission.

    Being assassinated
    Struck down in your prime? Lucky for you, you were trained well and your faction simply can't have you dying on the job. When another player approaches you to be assassinated be cordial and allow them to see you Kill Confirm card but do not let them take it. Once they have scanned or taken a pic of it they will return it and be on their merry way. You may then continue with your mission.
    Choose your allies. Find your purpose. Join the Grand Hunt.
    Factions are powerful organizations whose goals affect the future of our world. As a player in the Grand Hunt you will ally with powerful and famous assassins or groups throughout history; you will have to choose a side from among the options below:

    • Assassin's Creed I (Altair)
    • Assassin's Creed II (Ezio)
    • Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Brotherhood of Assassins)
    • Assassin's Creed III (Connor)
    • Assassin's Creed Black Flag (Edward)
    • Assassin's Creed Unity (Arno)
    • Templars
    • Abstergo

    I'm so in! What do I do?
    To play you will need to be attending PAX Prime 2014 and be able to access the website to register your kit and receive/confirm missions.

    Head over to http://www.phenixone.com and check out the information there. You'll see a link there that will take you to the store to buy a kit in the faction of your choice. Kits are $10 each and include free shipping in the continental US or can be picked up at a PAX Prime meetup.

    What's next?
    Don't see something covered here or uncertain about something? Got a suggestion or constructive criticism? Think this is awesome? Let me know below! I'm very excited about this years game and I hope you are too!

    If you've read this far thank you so much. If you like the idea of this game please share it with friends, this game grows primarily through word of mouth and the more players to play the better the experience is for everyone.

    Here's some ways I'm connecting with people:

    • Assassins: Grand Hunt on Twitter. Don't forget the #PAXassin hashtag.
    • Assassins: Grand Hunt on Google+
    • Assassins: Grand Hunt on Facebook.
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    Woah wow. This looks cool! Good luck to anyone attending.
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