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    Slate Symbols

    Now that I have a new computer, I'm going to see if I can past the error that my old computer would not, no matter what I did, go past. And that leads me to a question that internet searching couldn't answer:

    Does anyone know of a site, person, walkthrough, etc. that lists all of the symbols that can be found on the slates or drawn on the slates? (ie, an inventory)

    Thank you in advance!
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    Have a look at the Bert Jamin walkthrough and if you do not like it, please tell us why...
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    Nanoukmetal, thanks for the url. As it happens, I have Bert's walkthrough - his walkthroughs, several of which I have used over the years, thanks to Gameboomers, are always top-notch!. What I'm looking for is just a list, like "symbol-meaning" (boat anchor - tahgira pedestal 2). Bert's walkthrough has quite a few symbols in it, but in order to extract them you have to go through the whole walkthrough, thereby seeing how to play the game. And I don't want to know how to play the game - I'd just like a list to keep nearby me as I play the game so that I can check them off as I find them, and making sure I don't miss any. Does this make sense?

    BTW - sorry to be a few days to get back to this - I thought I had my profile set-up to notify me by email when I get an answer to a post, so I guess I need to recheck my profile. And my spam filter.
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    I am sorry PepperPucky I am not aware of such a list outside a walkthrough.
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    Nanoukmetal, thanks for your response!
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