Tiny Easter egg in the mechanical age: If you look through a telescope at just the right moment, you see a skeleton hanging from a sunken mast. It's practically the only sign of human life in Myst

Quote from the Myst & Riven Illustrated site

This image can be seen in Mechanical Age. If you turn the house 180 degrees from the starting position and then use Sirrus' telescope, you can see this skeleton hanging from the top of a boat's mast. Interestingly the direction the telescope is pointing when you see the hanged man is 135 degrees (southeast), the same direction as you see the lighthouse in Stoneship Age. Richard A. Watson at Cyan has told us that the skeleton (nicknamed "Bob") was a member of the crew of the Black Ships. The exact reason for his being tied to the raft and left to wander the seas has long been forgotten.