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    Where to purchase?

    I am trying to purchase Chessmaster XI for PC in South Africa, but am not able to find it in any stores or from any (local) online retailers. International retailers will not ship here.

    I have contacted the local Ubi distributor (MegaROM), but they have told me that they told me that it is not their title and they do not know who the distributor is.

    Please advise.
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    Tough one. I think your best bet might be a "Marketplace" order through Amazon UK.

    So, proceed to http://www.amazon.co.uk and then search using "Chessmaster XI: Grandmaster". You should find at least two entries for the title that specifies "PC DVD". Select one of them and you should see "Available from these sellers" ("these sellers" is a clickable link). After clicking the "these sellers" link, you should be on a page where several sellers of the title are listed. Pick a seller where you see "International & domestic delivery rates" under the seller's name (that seller ***should*** have no problem shipping to South Africa). Good luck!
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    As you want to play on-line do not buy chessmaster - purchase fritz 11. Do not buy chessmastera - multiplayer on-line no longer works (err. 50)
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    The OP was SabreWolfy's first post and I found nothing in that post indicating he/she wanted to play online. That very well be the case but it was not mentioned in the post (only that the software could not be found at any local *online* retailers).

    If there is no desire to play online, then there are a few methods for SabreWolfy to get a copy of Chessmaster XI, including the one I mentioned. If SabreWolfy, indeed, does want to play online, then SabreWolfy should probably buy Fritz 13 as it includes a 6 month membership to playchess.com.
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    In the Polish premiere edition fritz 11 the membership playchess give on 12 months and price fritz 11 more or less chessmaster (3x cheap than fritz 13 - fritz 11 ;30zł fritz 13; 119zł) maybe in other countries is similarly
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    Thanks for the replies. I have CMX and played online with it several years ago. I was/am very impressed with CMX and wanted to continue to support the game by purchasing CMXI. I haven't tried playing online with CMX, but from the previous comments, online play in CMX/CMXI no longer works?
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    I don't know about CM 10 online. But CM 11 online stopped working from the last 3-5 weeks. In the middle once it worked and then it stopped again.

    Basically you get an error 50 every time you try to login online in Chessmaster 12 you get this error. All ports of mine are opened. This never was an issue for me for the last 5 years until it started happening a few weeks ago. Also in the middle between those weeks when I did manage to login. All the players online stats were reset to 0. I found an opponent I won against him/her and then I didn't get the win recorded neither did the rating increase. Here's the printscreen I took.

    So basically if you're thinking to buy CM11 then it should be for offline only, academy, tutorials, etc. To be fair, there's little difference between Chessmaster 10th Edition and CM Grandmaster Edition. So if you do have CM10 already, I am not sure if you should bother with CM11 to be honest. Although I never owned CM10. I've heard many people say in the last few years that there's hardly a difference between them two.
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    ^ Thanks for the reply. From what I've read, CMX and CMXI are pretty similar, so I agree that it is not worth trying to purchase a copy, especially as it is difficult to obtain. I'll just continue using CMX. It's dissapointing that there is no official work from Ubisoft about the online gaming no longer working
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