Thrusmaster has some custom out of the box gamepads : t mini wireless should still be avaible though it lacks the 3-1's 360 style gun triggers and giant d-pad.

The solution is to press preset then maping and push down and then up by making the controler inverted it overrides the in game default settings you can even re map l1/r1 to the 360 styled gun triggers giving ps3 owners real special gun buttons.

Stranger's wrath is the same way invert screws up walking/freelook in 3rd person view.

Sadly you'll need an $80 adapter and posibly a ps2-ps3 adapter to get the playstation gamepads working on 360 which has a rub there's no headphone jack on a playstation gamepad and the adapter to get a ps pad on 360 also lacks a headphone jack.

If you can track down a 3-1 dual trigger get it if not their t-mini wireless remembers your custom settings just as well but is smaller in size though they both feature smaller than normal analog sticks.

This shouldn't even be a problem because outdated controls should get fixed just like outdated graphics,sound and adding trophies or achievements otherwise it's a quick n dirty port .