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    Ba5tard5word at the movies...

    I've seen some pretty good movies recently that I figured some of you guys might like, so here goes. Yes, some are kind of old or well known but I think they might fly under the radar of a lot of people. I also put in their trailers for easy viewin'.

    - Margin Call, 5 stars out of 5

    A film about an investment bank that suddenly realizes it has no more money. Generally I don't like these types of movies but I really, really enjoyed it and I'm surprised it didn't get more buzz when it came out. Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Irons give great performances in it, and the rest of the cast is pretty good too.

    - Max Manus, 4 out of 5

    A drama about a Norwegian saboteur who fights against the Nazis in WW2. I'm pretty sure I heard about it here. I thought it was really good and liked it better than Flame and Citron. It's rare to see a good WW2 movie these days, and this is one of them.

    - A Prophet, 5 out of 5

    Brutal, gritty, and very clever. This one's about a young Algerian guy locked up in a crappy French prison who has to fight to survive. These kinds of movies are hard to make well but this is a very satisfying and well-made film.

    - The Beat that My Heart Skipped, 4 out of 5

    This one's by the same guys who made A Prophet. It's not going to be as universally appealing because of its plot, but it's still a pretty good movie. In it a sleazy and pompous young real estate agent decides to audition in a piano recital. It might sound stupid but I really thought the cinematography, use of music, and pacing were brilliant. Apologies for the crappy quality of the youtube trailer.

    - Elite Squad 1, 3 out of 5

    and Elite Squad 2, 4 out of 5

    This is a related pair of Brazilian movies about a brutal paramilitary police unit that goes after the drug trade. Apparently in Brazil an appropriate reaction to catching someone dealing drugs is to shoot them in the face with a shotgun. Both films are really clever and smart by action-movie standards though some people will be put off by the first one's fragmented storytelling and the way that both films use a lot of voiceover monologues, but I didn't mind. I'd definitely consider them Brazil's answer to The Wire.



    - The World, 4 out of 5

    This one is a slow burner but it just about broke my heart. It's a Chinese film by director Jia Zhangke about a bunch of performers and security guards who work at a theme park in Beijing filled with miniature versions of global landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and so on. I've seen some other of Jia's films and while they had a smart edge to them I found them kind of boring, but this one was really good. It's definitely very slow moving so it's not for everyone, but I found its slow pace really worked well. Unfortunately I can't find a trailer with English subtitles on youtube.
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    Good reviews and the flilm clips are a nice touch as well. I'll look into the first three but give the para-miltary stuff a pass for today. Thanks for sharing, I was beginning to think I was the only one around here to went to the movies!!!!

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    Thanks for posting, BS. A couple of those have been added to my Lovefilm list.

    Worf, I always appreciate your reviews, you often review films that I wouldn't otherwise have heard of.
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    Very interesting links. I'd heard of a few of these from a movie podcast I get, but had forgotten about them. Chances of me seeing them are slim but I'll try to bear them in mind if/when I go to a DVD shop.
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    Just saw "Drive" tonight...holy cow, what a movie. I haven't seen a big-budget artsy movie like that in quite a while, and for once it was a good one. It's another one that's not gonna be for everyone, but you might like it if you like ruminating slow burners with occasional brilliant action sequences, like Melville's Le Samourai and Le Cercle Rouge, or Jarmusch's Ghost Dog, or Bullitt.

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    Just watched "The Town." Generally I really, really do not like Ben Affleck but he seems to have a good knack for directing, and for once he acts pretty good in this one as well. Jeremy Renner (you might know him from The Heat Locker) was great in it too. There's nothing really super special about it but it's just an all around satisying heist/crime movie.

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