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    Vulture's Row - One of the oldest squadrons on the internet.

    Since 2002 VR has become an established group in flight simulation. We mainly fly IL2 with the latest Ultra pack mods.

    Fun and comprehensive training available for all pilots, even if you come to us as a new pilot we have weekly detailed seminars and training practices.
    We are a global family of like-minded aviation fanatics, fun is one of our top priorities along with a strong emphasis on teamwork.
    Mature pilots only 18+
    Many of our members have children at home so all communications must be kept clean.

    Please visit our website and ask any questions you may have.

    Thank you for taking the time to read our small introduction.


    For and on behalf of the Vulture's Row Command.
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    S! VR Tell Stick and Pounder I said hi!
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    Will do thanks Propulsion!

    Vulture's Row now has a brand new Teamspeak 3 server. Settings include virtual 3D space allowing for clearer communications if you're lucky enough to have a surround sound system.

    Thank you to all pilots for your interest, we have recruited two new members in the past week who are currently starting their initial training.

    Fun and teamwork above everything else. If this sounds like YOUR style of flying please feel free to browse our website.

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    Our officer cadet school provides training on:

    Radio communications
    Traffic patterns
    Energy management
    Naval operations
    Combat manoeuvres
    Wingman tactics

    The training is brought to you by a dedicated and motivated team drawing on several years' experience.

    Visit www.vulturesrow.net for more information
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    Thank you everyone for your recent interest.

    A handful of pilot slots are still available should anyone wish to join our ranks.

    Squadron age ranges from: 25 - 65yrs, mature pilots welcome.
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    Vultures Row is a virtual squadron run by fun-loving but dedicated flight sim enthusiasts. This year we are celebrating our 10th active squadron year!

    We are proud to be one of the oldest squadrons on the Internet our team has formed many deep friendships with like minded aviation fanatics around the globe.
    Fighters and bombers welcome, rookie to ace.

    Visit the site below for further info:

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