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    Double agent ps3 online not working please help

    Hello , me and my friend and trying to play online on the ps3 version of the game but there is a problem.

    At first it says:

    'An error occured while signing in. Press the X Buton to continue.'

    and then

    'There was a problem while loading this profile from playstation newtowkr. Press the X Buton to contiue.'

    But the weird thing is that once before it actually let me online and now it's back to saying this...

    Does anyone know how to fix this? it's kind of annoying because we just bought it from the psn store to play it online and now it isn't even working. This game has actually only recently got released on the psn store aswell so it is stupid if the online doesn't even work

    thanks for any help
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    It means that the Ps3 live server is down. They are probably doing stupid updates again. Expect to not play live for a few hours from now
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