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    Multiplayer down!

    Come one Ubisoft! This is unacceptable. You make such great games but the multiplayer matchmaking, and lobbys are HORRIBLE. Earlier today I was able to play Far Cry 3 Multiplayer fine. Then I lose connection and now I just get put into a lobby and I'm the only one visible, however there are many, many, other people from around the world speaking to eachother, complaining that they cannot get a multiplayer match. Please put more effort into fixing your existing games before you release new games that are going to be broken for months, which is how all of your new releases come out.
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    So I can play domination matches. Would like to play BattleMix or Transmission since Transmission is the daily. Quickplay doesn't work either. I'll stick with domination for now though. Please fix your servers. To the forum managers: the answer to checking my connection and making sure everything is in order is, yes, my connection and everything else is in order. Don't bother posting that drivel. I know how to manage my connection and games. This isn't a problem on my end. It's on yours.
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    All is well now. Everything works fine. TY Ubisoft. If it was an update or something...you should really let us know!
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    I am unaware of any update that occurred, but I'm glad to hear that you are able to play now! Enjoy!
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