View Poll Results: what method dost thou use to pan view?

further, what do you use to snap view?


160. You may not vote on this poll
  • I'm a contortionist extrordinare, I use the mouse in my left hand

    27 16.88%
  • I use the coolie hat on my stick

    123 76.88%
  • I use the keyboard number pad

    10 6.25%
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    wayno7777's Avatar Senior Member
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    Jan 2004
    I voted the hat but I do use the mouse from time to time.

    Any landing you can walk away from is a good one!

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    Jumoschwanz's Avatar Banned
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    Mar 2002
    A lot of guys swear by track IR. I tried it and do not use it.
    I have been on HL for two and a half years and right now I use a hat switch, a button on the base for "straight up". with a combo of the two and rocking the wings I can see anything. When you push the hat straight ahead set it so that you "look forward". I also have the flaps on two base buttons. I can fly on a dogfight server and once in the air never have to touch the keyboard or mouse. This makes it very simple and instinctual to fly. NO fumbling around. ONe hand on the stick and one on the base. The fewer things you have to fumble with the more you can concentrate on the task at hand. My setup is as simple as it gets.

    I really like the padlock that is built into the sim. If one learns to use it well, in combo with the above hat-switch method, nothing else is neccesary. There is for some reason a lot of prejudice against padlock. In the early days of Il2, before trackIR, those who became proficient with padlock kicked a$$. Those who never learned to use it and got their a$$es kicked of course did not want it out there, and a movement against it being enabled on servers began. The old argument against padlock being used to locate targets has lost it's basis in reality since padlock has been reduced in range in a recent patch, and it would be nice if it were reduced to one kilometer. This way it could be once and for all, used as a tool to turn ones virtual head to track an opponent, and not be bad-mouthed as a tool to find nearby enemies.

    Even back then all a server had to do was disable icons and no one would know if it was locking onto an enemy or friendly. But for some reason those who cry about padlock being unrealistic, do not want to learn how to manually identify the other planes in the air as friend or foe!

    I am sure someone who is smart can set up the hat switch and base buttons, and learn to use them so as to be on equal footing with anyone online no matter what technology they have. IN one on one dogfights I often get my a$$ kicked, but this is on full real servers with those I have seen over the last few years to be the very best. And it is not unusual for me, when I am having a good night and am not tired, to give a lot of them a really hard time.

    Have fun!

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    Mirtma's Avatar Member
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    Krsko, Slovenia
    Well, I use coolie hat, but with great utility: NewView. Without it, coolie is useless. So I think, you should put another choice in pool: - I use some utility with coolie.

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    georgeo76's Avatar Senior Member
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    Nov 2002
    I use a snapview hat in conjunction w/ the mouse cursor on my X45. This keeps me competitive on on the non-PL servers because it's just as effective as TIR. (In that it gives me instant, unrestricted, and intuitive view options).

    I honestly don't understand how anyone can get by w/ just a hat switch on a non-PL server.(Although many obviously do). Before my X45, I used pan view and you wouldn't catch me on an non-PL server.

    Your view system is the most important element of SA. I would use the keyboard for weapons before I would view commands.
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    I use the hat for vertical and number pad for horizontal. It's just a matter of getting used to whatever you use and it becomes second nature.

    3./Jagdgeschwader 51
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    Udidtoo's Avatar Senior Member
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    Dec 2003
    I just use the hat on my stick. After 2 years its second nature and I can pan around and stil perform manuvers reasonably well.

    I never could get a decent feel for reaching for a mouse when there is a device right there where mother nature conveniently placed my thumb.

    I always have just enough fuel to arrive at the scene of my crash.
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    Coolie Hat.

    Tried newview when I didn't have a hat, but since I got my X-45 I prefer to use the coolie without Newview. Centerview is programmed to another button.
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    Actually, I just hit F6 when I need to look around.

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