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    Yes i totaly agree that the R34 should be with RHD! As a true fan of Nissan(I've always owned their cars:200sx,R33 and s15 now) I think that should be done! In that line you've started(about the conversion) then why dont all cars go with RHD ? Yeah they can be converted so why not replacing all cars from LHD to RHD ?
    If this game is aiming at realism ,this should be done!
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    They should also change the speedometer of the R34 to Kph. Having a Mph Speedometer in an R34 Look Stupid!

    Well for me at least.

    Ps. Please make it like the original R34.
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    Originally Posted by HooningSTi Go to original post
    I think it would be for the best. There is no such thing as a Left Hand Drive. It would really add to the experience. I think many Nissan enthusiast would agree.
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    I was playing the console beta and i realized something when i was driving my r34. In one of the earlier missions where you drive someone across the city in a short amount of time, in the cutscene, the npc characters always get in the car from the right side as your character pulls up the street. being that everyone seems concerned with immersion i have to say there's already a problem here. If the r34 were RHD then this cutscene wouldn't make any sense, then the devs would have to change the cutscene specifically for RHD cars. Seems excessive for a select few cars. Don't get me wrong, i would love the r34 to be RHD i LOVE that car, but i can go along with it being LHD for the sake of it being in the game and the cutscenes also being believable. As one person has already shown, the r34 can be converted and being how much you pay for it in game, its VERY easy to believe that the guy paid for the conversion.
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    At whatever point I get in the driver's seat of my Nissan Horizon GT-R — a genuinely fundamental Japanese exhibition vehicle with quite possibly the most suffering, notable states of our age — I'm generally overwhelmed with a specific exceptional, incredible sense. Specifically, a feeling of more profound regard for the people of the US Postal Assistance.
    I say this on the grounds that my Horizon imparts a somewhat provoking issue to most postal vehicles: right-hand drive. This is, obviously, bizarre in America, in light of the fact that most vehicles are left-hand drive, aside from mail trucks, and some imported vehicles, and a periodic Zamboni.
    At the point when I was experiencing the way toward purchasing my Horizon, I expected to be my most noteworthy "right-hand drive challenge" would make left turns. What I thought would happen each time I expected to make a left turn was, I would need to move my body across the front seat and extend my neck like a zoo giraffe attempting to eat from a tree in the elephant walled in area.

    Be that as it may, in the course of the most recent couple of months, I've found there's really a much greater test to right-hand drive: path situating.
    This is what I mean. At the point when you've driven a car for some time in a left-hand drive country, you subliminally train yourself to put the driver's seat in the left piece of the path. This isn't something you consider. It's simply a characteristic response; something you do, such as putting on shoes, or brushing your teeth, or holding on to discard stuff when the junk gets truly full with the expectation that your significant other will purge it visit here for more information

    So when you get in a right-hand drive vehicle, you instinctually begin to do exactly the same thing: you place the driver's seat in the left piece of the path. In any case, this is an awful thought, since it implies generally a large portion of your vehicle is situated in approaching rush hour gridlock.
    I was particularly liable of doing this as I would prefer back from purchasing the vehicle. What happened then was, I'd journey down the roadway in the correct path, endeavoring to adjust to Virginia's speed limits by driving at roughly a similar speed as toothpaste being extracted from the cylinder by an older hamster. In any case, at that point my psyche would begin to meander, and I would normally float over to one side piece of the path. Time and again during my outing home, I understood that I was really a foot or two into the path to one side. Envision being pulled over.
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    My Sisters Hyundai need key fob programming pls how do i carry it out

    Please does anyone have a good knowledge of programming Hyundai new remote key fob for the 2012 Elantra? My Sister accidentally broke hers while trying Hyundai key fob battery replacement of her GL. (She has an actual keyed ignition and a remote door lock fob on her ring) She was going to get a replacement remote off of eBay. But I am finding all sorts of different information out there on the ins and outs of reprogramming the key fob.

    The most common answer so far was to go under the dash and find the programming connector terminals and jump a couple terminals (directions varied on the terminal numbers). Then hit a button on the known good fob until the lights flash, and then hit the same button on subsequent fobs in the same fashion.

    However, i have come across this blog that seems like has good directions on how to go about Hyundai new key fob programming. I just need more of advice before proceeding with the method.

    Where is this connector, and which terminals do I jump? Is this really the best way to do this? I dread having to go to the dealer and spend $75 if it's just a 10 min job I can do in my driveway. And yes, I would pay for it because she is a poor college student and this is what daddy's do.

    Help please.
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