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    Just got AC4. Need friends for app and social events+ some questions

    I just got ac4 on ps3. I need friends for social events and playing kenways fleet. I also have some questions. What was AC initiates exactly. Is there stuff i could have gotten in the game if i used it? Its ridiculous that this game had all this community stuff is being cutoff less than a year of it being out. The game is still popular or else the used copies at GameStop would be cheaper than they are. They keep the used price of popular games up with this and the last of us still being 30 bucks while newer less popular games are cheaper.

    Anyway am i missing anything by not being able to use Initiates? Also the last community event is this month i just happened to notice. Is it giving a chance to get all the ingame items possible or are some left out? I was looking for a list of everything that has been previously offered but cannot find one. I was going to get a bunch of the dlc for this. I was able to redeem the bonus walmart edition dlc even tho it said it expired in March ( it's stated on the case you get bonus content but when u open it it says expired march 2014) but offering all this exclusive stuff i find out after buying, and even get an email after loading up the game, but cutting off and the dwindling support for the product less than a year later is a crappy practice and idk if I wanna spend anything else in support of it. I'd understand if there was a new AC out but there's not.

    Anyway heres my info for kenways fleet and social info if theres ppl that still play a lot feel free to add me on uplay or PSN (ps3 idk if that matters tho)

    PSN: antiks07
    Uplay: antiks07
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    AC Initiates is coming back, so you haven't lost out, don't worry.

    Kinda rushed, right now, but I can tell more later.
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    Exclusive rewards from Initiates (for AC4):
    Split Blood sails - cosmetic addition for the Jackdaw.
    Black Skull sails - cosmetic addition for the Jackdaw.
    Maid of Amsterdam sea shanty - an exclusive sea shanty for the crew of the Jackdaw to sing.
    Connor outfit for the Huntsman.
    Multiplayer title: the Initiate.

    I'm not sure how to unlock the Connor/Huntmans outfit and Initiate title for Multiplayer (aka mp). I see the latter in the mp profile menu, but it's locked to me even though I was playing mp when Initiates was still open.

    Initiates sorta expands on the present day conflict between Abstergo/Templars and the Assassins. It also gives badges for completing mini-missions. You can read more about Initiates here:

    I believe the Community Event only gives out 5 items. The ulc/dlc items still need to be purchased separately (ex: ezio swords, altair swords, mcfarlane items, etc). Here's a list of all the downloadable items in the game: http://assassinscreed.wikia.com/wiki...adable_content

    p.s. hopefully I remember to add you later on psn.
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    Thanks for the info. Hopefully I will be able to unlock some of the stuff if and when initiates comes back. I just added your PSN request ureh.
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    OP, you don't need friends participating in order to use Kenway's Fleet or community events. You only need to be logged into Uplay. The final schedule for community events rewards is stickied in this forum. (I agree it's a very crappy practice for this to be final in less than a year. What's going on with Initiates--whatever that mystery might be--is utterly shameful as well. Anything in the game which is locked behind some connected activity needs to be serviced continuously, or made unlockable by other means.)
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